New Year, New Decisions, New Things


Was that a cryptic title? Did it make you curious? If so, read on 👀👀😹

I’ve been thinking hard about the direction for my life, also my blog and other things. You might have smelled something funky and burnt, my brain fried tbh, so let’s air out the old and bring in the new fresh air! (^v^)

One of the decisions I’ve been thinking hard about is monetization. I’ve been having health issues lately, physical, coupled with my mental, and even 5€ would so help me tbh. Not to make like a “look how depressing my life is, please donate” because I actually don’t really like the idea of monetizing anything because I don’t think I’m good enough. I wanted to use Adsense, but WordPress does not allow it on their free-hosting (.com), so I decided on affiliate programs and links for my blog. I will always warn beforehand if it’s an affiliate link and where it is going to. I’m not going to do anything different from what I’ve done so far, just at the end of each blog post I’ll be linking to where you can buy what the post was about, if you grt interested in it, worry not!

I also decided to start up a YouTube channel, monetize it, and start doing let’s play’s with, and maybe even do some vlogs and Japanese language related, maybe even playing one game in JP and show how I play and search kanji/meanings. Why? Well, I like trying new things out, and I think it’ll be fun and would be great if it made any €€~

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