Christmas DlC 30% Off and New Route Incoming for Ray in Mystic Messenger

Cheritz has come out with some good news, so I figured I’d make a post about it in case yall didn’t pay attention or didn’t see it πŸ™†

First let’s talk about what they’ve added that’s already available.

There’s a new feature when you login on the game where you receive messages from one of the characters, they’re christmas themed and can only be seen for this period of time πŸ˜‰

Second, Christmas DlC from 2016 is back and 30% off for those that haven’t bought it yet. Sadly, I’ve long bought it so I can’t take advantage. It’s a good deal for all the new players though! πŸ‘Œ

I’m a bit bummed they aren’t going to add another Christmas story, but at least it shows Cheritz isn’t just trying to milk the players πŸ˜„

Now for the important and very needed news, RAY IS GETTING A ROUTE IN ANOTHER STORY WOOOO πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‡πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†

I’ve long wanted and waited to give Ray all the love he deserves, I hope he receives the best of good endings because he really needs it after all the bad endings and the true ending πŸ˜₯

While I’m ecstatic, I do hope they are going to do justice to him. I wasn’t very happy or fond of what happened with V’s route, but it’s what happens when something you’ve thought about for a year materializes. We gotta accept it πŸ˜–

I don’t have hourglasses after the insane price of V’s route, so I do hope his route is already included and we don’t have to pay more πŸ˜…


Are you excited to play Ray’s route? Or are you going to pass on it? Do you have your cash or hourglasses ready for him? Tell me everything! 😊

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Another Episode: V Route has Come to Mystic Messenger

I’m kinda late to this news, but it was because I was playing the game until a route opened and I could tell people more about what to expect, without spoilers!, so here it goes.

The game is set 2 years before the Casual and Deep routes, where this time you get enrolled to be a game tester in the most creepy way possible. Blindfolded, taken to the middle of nowhere, locked into a room (basically), all because there’s free food and bishounens hahaha 😹😹

The game is 11 days just like the original game, and there’s 7 endings to attain. Which is why V route actually isn’t just V’s route, you can enter into other routes and get their endings.

There’s 80 new cgs, and all done by the original artist of the game, woo! As a route that is 300 hourglasses, we have to get good quality because that’s not a small chunk.

You have to buy V and Ray’s calling cards separately, and this is true for VIP buyers too :/

Now that that’s out of the way, I’m just going to a give a brief rundown of what’s new.

So this time around instead of 3 days, it’s 4 days to enter a route. Which also means there’s more chances of entering the others routes, though it’s hard cause I wasn’t even trying to get V and I entered his route when I was certain I’d accumulate too many Ray hearts and was heading for a bad ending.

That’s another thing, Ray or Unknow, has come as a heart wrecker, again. We get to know more about Mint Eye and Ray thanks to being in direct contact, and it’s just heart breaking. Feels abound!

Another thing I loved is that V and Ray have stickers! They’re perfect too, so you have to see them. I fell in love with them because those stickers aaah.

An important thing is that there’s new guests, and there aren’t any walks out yet. So you’ll have to play it as you go, including the days themselves.

I’m sure in a short while there’ll be a ton of them made, so hang in there!

The lovely Steph from TwoHappyCats did a little walk just for the chat room times, so if it’ll help you, go here.

Now a thing I’d like to say: I really, really hope Unknown gets a route himself, where he gets repentance and happy because he doesn’t deserve what he went through 😭 Just thinking about it makes me want to cry all over again.

I also hope we get a Rika route where we get to understand and get her the support she needed before everything went bottom up.

Are you happy that V got a route? Would you like an Unknow route too? Or is it someone else, like Vanderwood, that you’d like a route? Have you fallen back on the MM hell, or are you saying nope and refuse to play? Tell me all!

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April’s Fools DLC Arrives to Mystic Messenger

After being quiet after Valentine’s, Cheritz announced April’s fools DLC, but we didn’t believe it of course. I mean, Cheritz didn’t release anything for White Day, so why would they weirdly choose April’s fools?

Well turns out, it’s because it’s Zen’s birthday actually! 😹😹

This time around, instead of 3 Days, it’s only 1 day and 3 possible endings, so there’s less grinding for endings πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ The cost is also more reduced, instead of 100 it’s 60 hourglasses to unlock it as seen here:

From what I’ve played so far I can tell you this:

Prepare for a surreal experience, a lot of “cgs” are actually photos, real life photos mind you, and it’s all surreal and wtf is going on????? Type of event.
Also, poor Zen smh. Everyone is evil, trust no one 😹😹😹😹😹

Also, it’s completely not related to the main stories, and expect lots of 4th wall stuff (especially with the CG’s 😹)

Also this is the quality cg’s you can get in this DLC (not a spoiler!)

Are you excited to play this DLC? Are you mad that most of the CG’s are photos? Are you buying it or are you gonna pass now that you know more about it?


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Valentine’s Reaches Mystic Messenger but Not as Expected

This time, instead of being DLC or chats to go through, it’s just After Ending story for each character. You have to go there and unlock it. Β Each character’s Valentine’s Β costs 20 hourglasses, so it makes a total of 100 hourglasses.

I’ve been saving up for this, cause I knew they’d release something, so I’m nabbing all of them, of course.

One thing to point out is the new artist is in charge of the new sprites and CG’s still. Valentine’s is years after the main game, where they’re married for a few years already and are more mature.

Sadly I can’t say I like the new sprites or the new artist’s art still. I do notice they’ve tried to match the original, but it doesn’t reach the level of the main games artwork.

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Very Flawed Christmas DLC for Mystic Messenger

I was really excited when MM got the DLC, and I still am, but I’ve noticed there’s a lot of things that are standing out, in a bad way.


Cheritz is not using the same artist for the CG’s and the art does not hold up at all, nor does the coloring! The characters don’t even look like themselves to be honest, there’s just something highly off. Ditto for the coloring, hair, of them. While I’d noticed Cheritz used two artists for the main game, the second artist did only the side characters sprites, which was very noticeable because they tended to be 90% ugly. But that’s okay, they’re characters we don’t give a fuck about. But then we get our main boos this weirdly different? It just doesn’t sit right with me! I mean they got really weird proportions, hair doesn’t look the same, they have meat cleavers for hands, when it isn’t yaoi hands resembling crabs

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