For easy access, and finding, I’m dropping this here~

The only fixed/guaranteed posting is on day 13 of each month.

Day 1Impressions

My first thoughts/impression of a game/anime/manga after experiencing the prologue + chapter 1 for games, episode 1-3 of an anime, the first few chapters of manga/boooks/light novels or first volume (if a big series).

Day 7Rants (Rare)

Self-explanatory, something has to go terrible wrong for me to rant tho!

Day 13 – Games

Long posts on a game I finished.

Day 19 – Manga Spotlight

Long posts on a manga I’ve finished.

Day 25 – Let’s Talk About (Rare)

A segment for subjects like voice actors, writers, musicians, etc,that don’t usually fit any of the rest content.

Day 29 – Anime Spotlight

Long post about an anime I’ve finished.

Day 30/31Monthly Updates. Seasons Plans and Reviews. Year in Review.

Monthly Updates on the status of games I’ve started/am playing, plus gathering all the posts posted for the month, both planned and unplanned. Also gives a little preview for next month’s scheduled posts!

Where I make Summer/Spring/Autumn/Winter plans and then review what I did do/accomplished.