More Feels than Birbs in Hatoful Boyfriend


Okay, so this game is definitely a WTH AM I PLAYING, WHAT JUST HAPPENED, WHY IS, type of game, which makes it really interesting to me!

To start with, I found some guides in order to play it. OtogeMeow’s, by Neko-chan, who has done for Ryouta, SakuyaNageki, Yuyuya, Kazuaki, Shuu. For the rest, you have to find others that cover them. One is in Steam, covering from the Bad End to BBl Epiloge. And also this one in GameFaqs, done by our Krystallina from DaiyaManga!, which also covers from the Bad End to BBL.

Before I get to the guys/routes, let me just that WHAT THE HECK MAN, THIS GAME IS BRILLIANT BUT INSANE. Like the sprites are super big, so all I can think is GIANT PIGEON/BIRBS. The background art is gorgeous, and so so pretty, which makes the photographs of the pigeons even more hilarious www. The other really WTH thing is SHE LIVES IN A FUCKING CAVE. A CAVE GDI. And also loves to call herself a hunter-gatherer, which is funny tbh xDD She also seems to dig her own house and build its walls, so I suspect she’s actually naked and a cave-woman throughout the whole game!

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April’s Fools DLC Arrives to Mystic Messenger

After being quiet after Valentine’s, Cheritz announced April’s fools DLC, but we didn’t believe it of course. I mean, Cheritz didn’t release anything for White Day, so why would they weirdly choose April’s fools?

Well turns out, it’s because it’s Zen’s birthday actually! 😹😹

This time around, instead of 3 Days, it’s only 1 day and 3 possible endings, so there’s less grinding for endings 🙌🙌 The cost is also more reduced, instead of 100 it’s 60 hourglasses to unlock it as seen here:

From what I’ve played so far I can tell you this:

Prepare for a surreal experience, a lot of “cgs” are actually photos, real life photos mind you, and it’s all surreal and wtf is going on????? Type of event.
Also, poor Zen smh. Everyone is evil, trust no one 😹😹😹😹😹

Also, it’s completely not related to the main stories, and expect lots of 4th wall stuff (especially with the CG’s 😹)

Also this is the quality cg’s you can get in this DLC (not a spoiler!)

Are you excited to play this DLC? Are you mad that most of the CG’s are photos? Are you buying it or are you gonna pass now that you know more about it?

*:・゚✧Anime Spotlight: RWBY Volume 1


The future-fantasy world of Remnant is filled with ravenous monsters, treacherous terrain, and more villains than you can shake a sniper-scythe at. Fortunately, Beacon Academy is training Huntsmen and Huntresses to battle the evils of the world, and Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are ready for their first day of class.

From RoosterTeeth

Genre Action, Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Science Fantasy
Created by Monty Oum
Written by

  • Miles Luna
  • Kerry Shawcross
  • Monty Oum
Directed by

  • Monty Oum (Volume 1–2)
  • Kerry Shawcross (Volume 3–current)
Theme music composer Jeff Williams

  • Jeff Williams
  • Steve Goldshein
  • Alex Abraham
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 48

I’m not going to be saying if this is anime, or debating the semantics of anime, go ahead if you want to, but I don’t really care as long as I can watch~

This is the introductory season, we get to meet all the characters one episode at a time, good and bad, the world and its terms, and get an inkling of what’s on stake. We also get to see the teams emerge, their issues and resolving to get a stronger bond. A bonding season, you could say.

One of the things that attracted me to this show was that it was made by Monty Oum, rest his soul, maker of the Dead Fantasy which I love and felt sad it couldn’t be finished by him, another was that Pink and Lilli kept talking about it. Talk about one show enough with me and you’ll end up convincing me to give it a shot /winks suggestively xP

Coming to this show was jarring for multiple reasons. First was the English voices, I’m not used to them aside in cartoons. Second, the 3D graphics. Third was that the show starts kinda weirdly, it half plomps us in the middle of the story and tells us to figure it out, and in the other half slows down and barrel disposes all the exposition :”D

After I got used to the 3D, which is really good!, the English voices, also really good!, and the show started picking up pace, I must say I got quite hooked. Not to the fever point I’ve seen of some die-hard fans, but it’s definitely fun and super enjoyable. My favorite parts are the comedy scenes and the kickass battles. Monty Oum showed he could epic battles in Dead Fantasy, and he definitely demonstrated it here again, claps and props to him and all the team at RoosterTeeth that got involved in this show!

There’s not much that can be said, since this is a “meet the characters, the world, their relationship” type of season, there isn’t too much plot, it’s more of a setup, but definitely a good one. I ended up wanting to continue to Season 2, which is where, hopefully, the setup will blast open into non stop epic badassery. Or something of the sort xD

The episodes are also pretty short, good or bad things depending on tastes, to me they felt pretty good since I like quicker things. One thing can be said is that every episode is never dull, there’s always some action, some comedy and engagement between the girls, and occasional dude, yes GASP, this ain’t an all girl show and there’s plenty of focus on guys too. They’re hot and good looking too, specially undressed /winks ;P

I’m curious who has seen this, and what they’ve thought of it. Did the English voices put you off? Maybe the 3D graphics? Or maybe you liked all those? I’m curious, so tell me all!

You can watch this on RoosterTeeth, Youtube or use Because Moe’s

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Uncover the Douchebags in Liar!

MC wants to find a decent guy aftet finding out her ex was cheating on her with another girl a year or so, and SHE was the side piece, not the other girl. You know this if you did the bad end choice 😛

So she’s so smart she goes to a dating party to meet guys with lots of money, grace, beauty, security, etc. She isn’t one to shoot low, she has high standards and keeps to them. Which is both a strength and a major flaw and issue I have with her. One of the liars wasn’t a liar per se, but she still dumped his ass because he wasn’t perfect. Well we can’t all be healthy people, so after that I lost interest in this game and took forever to finish all the liar routes.

I’m not particularly happy with who wasn’t the liar, and I just felt meh about it, so i didn’t even do the lover’s routes. I don’t think she deserves the only guy i actually liked from all the cast after discovering all the truths behind them.

Jump this if you don’t want to know what their issues are.
Incoming some spoilers without names, I do not say who the liars are, just what their issues are.

Liar One has an oedipux complex and loves to have suddy fun with dear old mom, and wants you to do it with them too /gags

To elaborate on this, i actually find he was one of the most sympathetic liars. His relationshop with his mother make perfect sense when you discover his Dad is an abusive A-hole to his mom qnd to him too, just in different ways. They need therapt, lots of it.and to kick dad downa train track with an oncoming train on it.

Liar Two has anger issues, like real serious ones, and practically assaults the MC /shudders

Liar Three is an obsessive creep that kidnaps you because you remind them of their pop idol, gross!

Liar Four is a gambling addict that tries to foist his debts on you and tries to sell you too /shoots a canon at him

Liar Five is a married scumbag that has a kid and is taking you for a fun spin, to then give you the boot after bagging you as his trophy fuck /catapults him into the sun

From here on out the liars are less bad so that they can have lover’s routes, tho by less bad doesn’t mean good.

Liar Six
is a deceitful bastard that is part of the underground mafia, has no plans to tell you, and will totally sell you out to prison if things get tight and someone has to fall for the group smh.

Liar Seven is a drug addict with a spin/twist. He’s the only actual decent dude, and the only one that deserves that lover’s route. Sadly I don’t think the MC deserves him after her attitude towards him, so I did not do it.

Liar Eight is a marriage scammer and he can go fuck himself, he scams woman’s to take their money and then disappears, F U. Even tho I liked him throughout the game, there is no reason at all for him to be a lover route, AT ALL. He deserves to be thrown into space to freeze and suffocate slowly 💢💢

Liar Nine was previously married 3 times and all he wants is a maid/housewife combo that will clean and starch his clothes, wash his dirty dishes and vacuum the house without talking back. He can go and FUCK himself with a rotten sausage for all I care 💢
It’s safe from here now.

In the end i felt like this game was pushing a lot to make me buy tickets, and quickly lost the luster it had from the beginning. While games like Ace Attorney don’t reinvent the wheel every single trial, i feel like it never loses the charm or quirkiness, same can’t be said about this game. And if you tell me, but it’s a mobile otome game!, as if that is an excuse? It got peddled AS AA otome game version, so I feel every right to compare and find it majorly lacking. Not even the art was all that flawless. All the female characters have the same sprite, just changed hair, and some of the guys look really weird in certain poses. There’s also no CG’s, so i didn’t even get the satisfaction of watchibg her SLAP the douchebags smh.

As someone that was playing MM/fresh out of MM, i found it even more lacking. Considering this is Voltage’s answer to MM and Cheritz trying to get a part of their mobile cut, i find they didn’t even reach the toes of MM. You cannot compared the amount of story, development, CG’s, voice-acting MM has,+ completely free without peddling you for tickets or charm points every 5 minutes.

Even the mini-events aren’t interesting. You try to date multiple guys without them figuring it out, but you have to get ridiculously high amounts of charm to do it, tho it’s ticket-free events, it has nothing of free to it.

Now I’m wondering who else played it. Did you enjoy from the beginning to the end? Or did you find it disappointing and quickly lost interest like I did? Tell me everything, I wanna know!

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