*:・゚✧Show Spotlight: Emma Approved


Created by  Bernie Su
No. of Episodes  72
Running Time  4-8 minutes per episode

I watched The Diary of Lizzie Bennet halfway, stopped for a break because it’s a huge series and discovered this made by the same team (with different actors).

I didn’t really know what to expect because Lizzie Bennet had been low budget (and it showed, really), so I was really surprised and delighted at how wider and livelier this was from the outset.

Mind you, completely helped by the lovely actress playing the role of Emma, Joanna Sotomura, that has so much camera presence. She’s beautiful, and I’m a sucker for cute and beautiful. It helped that the cast kept growing with each episode (unlike Diaries which until halfway was when they started bringing in anyone outside the sisters).

Mind you I’m not bashing shows, I liked Diaries it’s just after watching it, it was very refreshing to watch this because of how much more there was (from stages, actors, props, changes of place every episode).

I was completely riveted to Emma and binge watched to the end in a ridiculously small time. Helped by the fact it was not only finished, but fully and freely available in YouTube (which still are, and I adore this new format for shows!).

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