Meet the Couragous Lion, Leo from Oz+



I chose Leo cause he was like a shota inside a huge body with ears and a tail, which are all WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN in my book, OH YEAH ohohohohoho.

He was actually really sweet, cute and carnivorous, hehe, he wanted that booty really hard but when she said “No”, he backed off and went and got endurance training (for his dick) so he wouldn’t jump her again (and stick his lips and dick where Dorothy didn’t want them).

They had a bunch of really cute scenes with the group, and aside me slurping all over Solomon’s thigh and crotch cause DANG HIS DICK IS DELINEATED, and they even traveled as a group, which was so sweet! It didn’t make me interested in the Tin Woodman or the Scarecrow, but it was really heartwarming.

I was really enjoying this route, and Leo, but there were a lot of niggles I have, and the majority of my salt is in the ending.

First for the non-spoilers part, as I commented on my F2P Otome Mobage Rant, this game had a really demanding high number of in-game currency to buy the final dress, 48.000 FFS!!, and the number of drawers and storage was really low and made me constantly have to chuck things out. Tho not as bad as Wizardess+, it was so fucking annoying, and I got so mad I had to grind to get all that currency SMH.

What really annoyed me and made me BYE BITCHES to the game, was definitely the last portion of the game.


So after leaving Kansas and her uncle and aunt behind to travel to Oz, not giving a second-thought to them throughout the game, they’re brought back to the fold as a source of drama. Dorothy has to pick between being permanently in Oz or permanently in Kansas, because the rainbow that connects the two worlds is going to close forever. After she does her choice for the best ending, the world starts collapsing, people dying, only for the whole thng to return to Kansas and both worlds have merged, and no one is dead that died.

Okay, like WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT ENDING IS THIS, REALLY, SERIOUSLY, not even fairy-tales get this type of endings where everything DIDN’T MATTER, NOTHING MATTERED.

/pants deeply


So in the end, this game was not worth the month or so of tickets waiting and playing, even tho the art is GORGEOUS, tho the OST had like 3 themes which didn’t suit all the situations with was used for, smh.

If you’re interested in this game, you can find it here for android.

Have you heard about this game before? Have you played it? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!

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╬Let’s Rant On: Labels and Misconceptions of Fujoshi


I don’t call myself a fujoshi anymore, I prefer the terms slasher or shipper, because fujoshi started having certain connotations that I didn’t want people to assume as soon as I said the word.

I also started seeing people saying fujoshi are clueless, fanatical and the sort, which I guess made me want to distance from the term. But I don’t agree with them. There’s rotten apples everywhere, so to base an entire term around these more outspoken and extreme actually pisses me off.

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╬ Let’s Rant On: Promises, Hiatus and CLAMP


For those that don’t know, I’m a huge Clamp fan. I love most of their work, I was an avid fan of their old anime, and couldn’t get enough of them.

That is until some 15 years ago the fuckery with X 1999 started and has never stopped since. So this might come across as salty and butthurt, and I won’t deny it probably is and I am. But fuck it, my blog, my opinions, my thoughts. I can say whatever the fuck I want to 😠

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