Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Dragged Me to VN Hell


Like many people, I got to know this series through the anime, then discovered there was a game being localized by MangaGamer and so I discovered visual novels, my favorite game genre nowadays.

Higurashi, then, was far more than just a series or a game to me, it set the standards by which I compared all visual novels to it. It’s tough experiencing a masterpiece as your first taste a genre, because you’ll find afterwards, they’ll be disappointing.

Higurashi was my religion for a while. I extolled how amazing it is, how good, the mystery’s, the suspense, the tenseness, the plot and characters becoming more involved with each installment. Mind you, Higurashi is still one of my favorite VN’s and it won’t be dethroned that easily. Might be because of nostalgia, or maybe, it’s just because it’s that good.

Mind you, that evaluation is mixed with said nostalgia. I can’t escape that, but even now whenever I think of Higurashi, I can remember scenes and how relieved I was when I finished and finally knew how that whole fuckery came to be, and if everyone was okay.

Higurashi was very well marketed and sold. For those that don’t know, because this is old, Higurashi is an horror and suspense VN but got sold to fans of galge/girl’s dating-sim. It was made so the first part was like a typical, normal game, with these cute girls, and then the twist happens and it mind-fucked everyone. In fact, the very art was done to emulate galge ones, so that when troll faces pop out, you know you’re in dip shit.

It was a stroke of genius for 07th Expansion, because it quickly became a cult hit which grew with each installment, until it finally received a manga and an anime. Prior to Higurashi, 07th Expansion was a small company doing card illustrations, and was as underground as a doujin company is.

This can be found everywhere, if you’d search, but I’ll tell how Higurashi happened. Call me a nerd, which I am, but I like knowing these things and telling them.

07th Expansion was back then a company made of 3-4 people, Ryuuk was the writer and artist, his brother was the programmer and his friend did the website. Said friend encouraged Ryuuk to turn Higurashi, which was a play Ryuuk had written before, into a game because he really liked it. So we can thank him for Higurashi and 07th Expansion existing as a game maker.

I’m sure you’ll find names and more details if you search for this story, because it’s been a long while since I’ve read it, and I know it because I’m particularly passionate about those that impress me.


This hasn’t been a review of the game, but it’s a bit of the journey I have with the game. There’s also not a lot of things I can say, considering how wildly known the anime is. I will say though that if you liked the anime, I implore you to play the games. I don’t care if you play using the new sprites, or Ryuuk’s (which I prefer), but you really must. The anime is a watered down version of the games, they also invented an explanation for the final that was ridiculous and wasn’t the real one. The games are worth it. The atmosphere and tenseness of scenes are through the roof, and I was floored by the mysteries and their conclusions.

This isn’t an horror game like Corpse Party, where there’s blood and graphics. Here it’s written and described, and enhanced by the OST and sound effects to make a deeply involving, absorbing game that will stick in your mind.

Safe to say, if you liked Umineko you’ll like Higurashi, but not if you were fonder of the trolls and fantasy side of things. Higurashi is not an epic tale of fantasy and magic. In Higurashi, it’s realistic and down to earth, with a dash of fantasy and absurd to enhance the mysteries and suspense.

This was a bit of a trip down memory lane, but I hope you enjoyed it as much as I liked!

Happy gaming everyone and keep on figuring out those mysteries ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Have you heard about this game before? Have you played it? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!

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PS3 Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sui

The Way to Experience Umineko no Naku Koro ni is Socially


This is a difficult game series to write about, mostly because Umineko was a social experience. Me and a friend played them as they came out after discovering 07th Expansion had already done 3 of them. I had no idea, since the only series I knew of was Higurashi. So when I stumbled upon it, and very eagerly told my friend, we got on-board.

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Saya no Uta


Developer(s) Nitroplus
Writer(s) Gen Urobuchi
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows,Android
Release date(s) Microsoft Windows

  • JP: December 26, 2003
  • NA: May 6, 2013


  • JP: April 17, 2014
Genre(s) Visual novel

I don’t have enough words to really explain why this visual novel is at the top of my most liked games list. I can say it’s a relatively short game, only 10 hours maximum to play through it all. It has 3 or 4 choices tops.

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Never 7 -The End of Infinity-


Developer(s) KID
Director(s) Takumi Nakazawa
Writer(s) Kotaro Uchikoshi
Composer(s) Takeshi Abo
Series Infinity
Platform(s) PlayStation
Neo Geo Pocket
Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 2
PlayStation Portable
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Visual novel

I’ve been a huge fan of the Zero Escape series (comprising 999 and VLR, both which I’ve talked about) so it was no surprise that when I learned that the writer for this series worked on the Infinity series…I had to play them, duuh~

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Developer(s) stage-nana
Publisher(s) insani (English version)
Sekai Project
Designer(s) Tomo Kataoka
Engine NScripter (JP)
ONScripter (EN)
Platform(s) Mac OS X, Linux,Windows
Release date(s) 2005
Genre(s) Visual novel

I dunno if I should review here 2nd Part, or not, but I think this one will be about the 1st Narcissu, just ’cause they are diff. stuff.

I’m not really the crying type, I barely cry in any movies that people talk about crying (unless it’s animals dying, then I’m sobbing all over), but this one hit me right in the damn ovaries. I’d heard a lot about how it was a sad, depressing, melancholic type of game, and made peeps cry. I shrugged that off, as usual, and went and played it because it was free and so highly regarded.

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