Very Flawed DLC for Mystic Messenger

I was really excited when MM got the DLC, and I still am, but I’ve noticed there’s a lot of things that are standing out, in a bad way.


Cheritz is not using the same artist for the CG’s and the art does not hold up at all, nor does the coloring! The characters don’t even look like themselves to be honest, there’s just something highly off. Ditto for the coloring, hair, of them. While I’d noticed Cheritz used two artists for the main game, the second artist did only the side characters sprites, which was very noticeable because they tended to be 90% ugly. But that’s okay, they’re characters we don’t give a fuck about. But then we get our main boos this weirdly different? It just doesn’t sit right with me! I mean they got really weird proportions, hair doesn’t look the same, they have meat cleavers for hands, when it isn’t yaoi hands resembling crabs

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Gossip or Truth, New Event in Liar!

I didn’t expect for Voltage to release any events for this game, it just doesn’t seem like the type of game that would work for it, but here we are!

My Man’s a Celebrity features Kazumi, Joe and Shuto as the possible liars, and it’s not happening at the same time as the main game, obviously.

We can get three endings, from what I saw, one for each dude. There’s also Event Points, instead of Cool Points, and it starts from zero ORZ

There’s also new questions, and there’s items to narrow down the choices because there’s a time limit for answering them :”’D

If you’ve finished the game and didn’t know, get on it!

Where you expecting this? Do you think Liar needs events or is it better to just experience the main story first?

Impressions: Gossip Girl Party

Since this game is closing down this month, I thought it’d be best to play it before it got removed. So here I am.

Beforemost I must say I’ve never seen the show for Gossip Girl, so I’m unfamiliar with the characters and events of this game. Someone tell me if this is following the events of the show just with a new character/Mc involfed or is it an AU/nothing to do with it, cause I’m curious!

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Mystic Messenger – Zen Hides His Hurt Under the Narcissism


I’ve also done posts on Jaehee, Yoosung.

I wasn’t really for Zen, during the Casual route he just put me off a lot, and so I skipped him for Yoosung and Jaehee, but I kept being told he was a good route and was worth it, so I was like why not? Plus Cheritz is giving the Max Speed button for free if we finish the endings + after + secret endings till day 7, so down i went.

I must really say I was surprised by Zen. Once you enter his route, his narcissism drops and he turns into a lovey-dovey cuddle-bear. He was really sweet and made me aww a bunch of times with his calls and even messages. You could really tell how deep he went for the MC, and he was also a total savage to Echo Girl, gave me years of life from those put-downs!

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