Meet the Couragous Lion, Leo from Oz+



I chose Leo cause he was like a shota inside a huge body with ears and a tail, which are all WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN in my book, OH YEAH ohohohohoho.

He was actually really sweet, cute and carnivorous, hehe, he wanted that booty really hard but when she said “No”, he backed off and went and got endurance training (for his dick) so he wouldn’t jump her again (and stick his lips and dick where Dorothy didn’t want them).

They had a bunch of really cute scenes with the group, and aside me slurping all over Solomon’s thigh and crotch cause DANG HIS DICK IS DELINEATED, and they even traveled as a group, which was so sweet! It didn’t make me interested in the Tin Woodman or the Scarecrow, but it was really heartwarming.

I was really enjoying this route, and Leo, but there were a lot of niggles I have, and the majority of my salt is in the ending.

First for the non-spoilers part, as I commented on my F2P Otome Mobage Rant, this game had a really demanding high number of in-game currency to buy the final dress, 48.000 FFS!!, and the number of drawers and storage was really low and made me constantly have to chuck things out. Tho not as bad as Wizardess+, it was so fucking annoying, and I got so mad I had to grind to get all that currency SMH.

What really annoyed me and made me BYE BITCHES to the game, was definitely the last portion of the game.


So after leaving Kansas and her uncle and aunt behind to travel to Oz, not giving a second-thought to them throughout the game, they’re brought back to the fold as a source of drama. Dorothy has to pick between being permanently in Oz or permanently in Kansas, because the rainbow that connects the two worlds is going to close forever. After she does her choice for the best ending, the world starts collapsing, people dying, only for the whole thng to return to Kansas and both worlds have merged, and no one is dead that died.

Okay, like WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT ENDING IS THIS, REALLY, SERIOUSLY, not even fairy-tales get this type of endings where everything DIDN’T MATTER, NOTHING MATTERED.

/pants deeply


So in the end, this game was not worth the month or so of tickets waiting and playing, even tho the art is GORGEOUS, tho the OST had like 3 themes which didn’t suit all the situations with was used for, smh.

If you’re interested in this game, you can find it here for android.

Have you heard about this game before? Have you played it? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!

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Impressions: Oz+

I really like Solmare because they always give their heroines eyes, feature her in the CG’s and their art tends to be really adorable. Just like this game! The art is just so adorable, the chibis are just so so cute, makes me want the game to have bigger sections just in chibi 😻

This is actually the same artist as Nieflheim by Solmare too, which I didn’t realize until someone told me because the coloring is just so different :’D

From the first moment I saw Leo I knew he’d be the one for me, ears + tail, and tall but inside he’s just like a shota, so cute and adorable and eager! 😻😻😻

I was also ensnared by Solomon’s thighs, and his bulge + crotch ARE REALLY PROMINENT AND /fans self

Sadly when I started this game he wasn’t available yet, so I went with my nekomimi 👌

I like the music, but the themes are like 3-4 and really leaves a lot to be desired, tbh, specially when peppy music is used in some tense/serious moments :/

Have you played this game? If yes, did you like it? Is this post peeking your interest?

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April’s Fools DLC Arrives to Mystic Messenger

After being quiet after Valentine’s, Cheritz announced April’s fools DLC, but we didn’t believe it of course. I mean, Cheritz didn’t release anything for White Day, so why would they weirdly choose April’s fools?

Well turns out, it’s because it’s Zen’s birthday actually! 😹😹

This time around, instead of 3 Days, it’s only 1 day and 3 possible endings, so there’s less grinding for endings 🙌🙌 The cost is also more reduced, instead of 100 it’s 60 hourglasses to unlock it as seen here:

From what I’ve played so far I can tell you this:

Prepare for a surreal experience, a lot of “cgs” are actually photos, real life photos mind you, and it’s all surreal and wtf is going on????? Type of event.
Also, poor Zen smh. Everyone is evil, trust no one 😹😹😹😹😹

Also, it’s completely not related to the main stories, and expect lots of 4th wall stuff (especially with the CG’s 😹)

Also this is the quality cg’s you can get in this DLC (not a spoiler!)

Are you excited to play this DLC? Are you mad that most of the CG’s are photos? Are you buying it or are you gonna pass now that you know more about it?


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Uncover the Douchebags in Liar!

MC wants to find a decent guy aftet finding out her ex was cheating on her with another girl a year or so, and SHE was the side piece, not the other girl. You know this if you did the bad end choice 😛

So she’s so smart she goes to a dating party to meet guys with lots of money, grace, beauty, security, etc. She isn’t one to shoot low, she has high standards and keeps to them. Which is both a strength and a major flaw and issue I have with her. One of the liars wasn’t a liar per se, but she still dumped his ass because he wasn’t perfect. Well we can’t all be healthy people, so after that I lost interest in this game and took forever to finish all the liar routes.

I’m not particularly happy with who wasn’t the liar, and I just felt meh about it, so i didn’t even do the lover’s routes. I don’t think she deserves the only guy i actually liked from all the cast after discovering all the truths behind them.

Jump this if you don’t want to know what their issues are.
Incoming some spoilers without names, I do not say who the liars are, just what their issues are.

Liar One has an oedipux complex and loves to have suddy fun with dear old mom, and wants you to do it with them too /gags

To elaborate on this, i actually find he was one of the most sympathetic liars. His relationshop with his mother make perfect sense when you discover his Dad is an abusive A-hole to his mom qnd to him too, just in different ways. They need therapt, lots of it.and to kick dad downa train track with an oncoming train on it.

Liar Two has anger issues, like real serious ones, and practically assaults the MC /shudders

Liar Three is an obsessive creep that kidnaps you because you remind them of their pop idol, gross!

Liar Four is a gambling addict that tries to foist his debts on you and tries to sell you too /shoots a canon at him

Liar Five is a married scumbag that has a kid and is taking you for a fun spin, to then give you the boot after bagging you as his trophy fuck /catapults him into the sun

From here on out the liars are less bad so that they can have lover’s routes, tho by less bad doesn’t mean good.

Liar Six
is a deceitful bastard that is part of the underground mafia, has no plans to tell you, and will totally sell you out to prison if things get tight and someone has to fall for the group smh.

Liar Seven is a drug addict with a spin/twist. He’s the only actual decent dude, and the only one that deserves that lover’s route. Sadly I don’t think the MC deserves him after her attitude towards him, so I did not do it.

Liar Eight is a marriage scammer and he can go fuck himself, he scams woman’s to take their money and then disappears, F U. Even tho I liked him throughout the game, there is no reason at all for him to be a lover route, AT ALL. He deserves to be thrown into space to freeze and suffocate slowly 💢💢

Liar Nine was previously married 3 times and all he wants is a maid/housewife combo that will clean and starch his clothes, wash his dirty dishes and vacuum the house without talking back. He can go and FUCK himself with a rotten sausage for all I care 💢
It’s safe from here now.

In the end i felt like this game was pushing a lot to make me buy tickets, and quickly lost the luster it had from the beginning. While games like Ace Attorney don’t reinvent the wheel every single trial, i feel like it never loses the charm or quirkiness, same can’t be said about this game. And if you tell me, but it’s a mobile otome game!, as if that is an excuse? It got peddled AS AA otome game version, so I feel every right to compare and find it majorly lacking. Not even the art was all that flawless. All the female characters have the same sprite, just changed hair, and some of the guys look really weird in certain poses. There’s also no CG’s, so i didn’t even get the satisfaction of watchibg her SLAP the douchebags smh.

As someone that was playing MM/fresh out of MM, i found it even more lacking. Considering this is Voltage’s answer to MM and Cheritz trying to get a part of their mobile cut, i find they didn’t even reach the toes of MM. You cannot compared the amount of story, development, CG’s, voice-acting MM has,+ completely free without peddling you for tickets or charm points every 5 minutes.

Even the mini-events aren’t interesting. You try to date multiple guys without them figuring it out, but you have to get ridiculously high amounts of charm to do it, tho it’s ticket-free events, it has nothing of free to it.

Now I’m wondering who else played it. Did you enjoy from the beginning to the end? Or did you find it disappointing and quickly lost interest like I did? Tell me everything, I wanna know!


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Impressions – Uncover the Truth, Liar!

Our MC got yet again cheated on by her boyfriend, we help we her uncover his lies and deceit,and she makes a firm decision to only date guys who match all her values. Rich, good job, handsome looking, no kids, no divorcees, no liars. Can you figure it out and stop yourself from marrying the wrong guy?

Can definitely see why it got called the Ace Attorney of otome games. Lots of investigations, contradictions and item using, just like in AA, which is pretty fun!

Music is snazzy, art is so-so, some weird looking guys on certain perspectives, the girls all have the same sprite with changed hair and clothes, which is a big letdown tbh.

It heavily makes use of tickets and charm, also tries to make you buy both things a lot. Especially when it shifted from 10 free tickets per day to 5. Each chapter is super duper small, like not even 5 minutes. I spend more time grinding charm than playing the actual routes :’DD

Overall it’s been really nice and fun, specially when she slaps the liars 😹😹😹

What about you? Are you playing this? What’s your opinion so far?

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