Voez – Taiwan made Rhythm Game without CCG and Idols!

I saw the lovely Iris playing this on twitter for #TCGMusicMonth of That Game Club, and I got curious so I downloaded it from the App Store and off I went ohoho 😼😼

I’m weak to pretty, and this game seriously is pretty. The music is also all over the board, and not just idol-type music. There’s soothing pianos, there’s more eclectic instruments and compositions, from rock to pop to ambient.

I was surprised to see that the makers of this game, Rayark, were the ones that made Deemo (which I haven’t played but heard lots of good about it and will play it, I just…need to clear that backlog ORZ).

The tutorial was pretty short and did its work, tho I still don’t know for sure how to hit those slide notes lmao 😹

Where this game really shines is how pretty the whole thing is. From the UI design, that menu for song selections is so gorgeous, to the game part itself. It’s a total light show, and it moves sideways so you have to keep up with the notes. It’s really pleasant just to watch the notes fall.

One of the most important things, at least to me after going through multiple idol hells, is that there are no characters, no stamina to wait to recover, no card collecting, no idols, it’s just the songs themselves as the focus and center piece. I really like that, feels fresh and just lovely, without stress or pressure, you can’t even game over! 🙌🙌
There’s featured songs, that change every day, and for a limited time songs will unlock for us to play without having to pay (tokens, which can be won or bought with $$$). Some only make you need to watch an ad before playing, which I approve off.

If you want a hassle free, really enjoyable and pretty rhythm game without the idol hell and money sucking ways, this is definitely the one for you! 👌👌👌

Have you heard about this game before? What about Rayark and Deemo? Have you played it, or will you now play that you know about it? Tell me all! 🙌

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Impressions – Kiss of Revenge

MC wants revenge on the doctor that killed her mother during an operation 12 years ago that was from neglect and, to further rub the salt in the wounds, got shushed and told to the media/general public that it was after the operation. MC knows the truth and she’s out for revenge, she wants to get alone with the director and stab him/kill him, bringing justice to her mother.

Phew, sounds heavy but also like a great hook. This game peeked my interest when i saw what it was about, so I downloaded, installed and played the prologue and the free first chapter of each dude.

The oorning movie was gorgeous and made me super pumped,but the game starts pretty boring. I understand they’re going to build tension, but i also feel like they’re going to sweep it under the rug once she tells in love, and she won’t want revenge anymore.

Considering I want her to actually do it, you know shake it up and let me stab peoppe, i feel a bit letdown. Plus I also didn’t like how pixelated the sprites are, I wonder what year this is from. My tablet is 7″ so this shouldn’t be this horrible, right? @.@↓

Look at this ↑

Also,  I’d think good for you to have the balls to back it up andput it in motion instead of whining about it and expecting it to happen from the ether. She has spent 12 years cooking this up so she can get closer to the director of the hospital, so she better finally taste that sweet revenge, tho I doubt it.

The guys are all fairly decent and interesting, tho Sezaki is the one I’m most curious about because of his nightmares, sleeping pill usage and his intense dedication to his patients. I’m pretty sure he either knows the truth, or experienced/saw MC’s mother’s dead, or something similar.

Has this game made me curious enough to actually pay? No.

I feel like that was one of the most lukewarm prologues I’ve experienced considering the set up. I know, i know. It’s an otome mobile game, but there’s some that super hook you in from the get go. This has a super interesting premise without the payback.

Now this is what I feel after playing the prologue and chapter 1, if you’ve played it further than I have I’m curious what your opinion is. Is it good? Is it bad? Did it disappoint you? I wanna know! ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)


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Impressions: Oz+

I really like Solmare because they always give their heroines eyes, feature her in the CG’s and their art tends to be really adorable. Just like this game! The art is just so adorable, the chibis are just so so cute, makes me want the game to have bigger sections just in chibi 😻

This is actually the same artist as Nieflheim by Solmare too, which I didn’t realize until someone told me because the coloring is just so different :’D

From the first moment I saw Leo I knew he’d be the one for me, ears + tail, and tall but inside he’s just like a shota, so cute and adorable and eager! 😻😻😻

I was also ensnared by Solomon’s thighs, and his bulge + crotch ARE REALLY PROMINENT AND /fans self

Sadly when I started this game he wasn’t available yet, so I went with my nekomimi 👌

I like the music, but the themes are like 3-4 and really leaves a lot to be desired, tbh, specially when peppy music is used in some tense/serious moments :/

Have you played this game? If yes, did you like it? Is this post peeking your interest?

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Rooms: The Main Building is a Fun Puzzler While It Lasts



This is a deceptive game, I got it recced by Anna, a Skype friend, and I liked how it looked, plus it’s a puzzle game, which I quite like. So why is it deceptive? Because it’s highly addicting! I didn’t stop playing until I concluded all of it. Plus though it was a bit hard sometimes, it was never so hard I had to use a guide/walk to pass any of the levels. It also kept introducing new things, so it always felt fun and innovative to play. Though it has some 100 levels, they’re small enough to play a bunch in a row or play one on the go between breaks.

I was quite surprised by Rooms, so I felt I quite had to share my feelings about it.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t very well known (maybe it is, who knows?)  which is a shame for a little puzzle game that was always engaging and fun. One of the things I dislike is when games drag on or raise the difficulty level just to make us burn time, and it never happened in this little game.

So if you want something to entertain you and grip you for a couple hours, this is definitely the game for you!


Have you heard about this game before? Have you played it? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!


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Shenmue was a Product of its Time and an Experience Worth Having


This was one childhood series that really impacted me. I remember being so wowed by it considering all I’d played was PS1 games, tho very good in CG’s, it was nowhere as gorgeous this game was (and still is!!!) so I’d play it just for the beauty. That strange, otherworld city that looked like nothing I’d ever seen or met. I’d play it without a memory card till the end of the first CD, until my mom bought me for me and I could finally play it.

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