6 Years Anniversary Full of Quitting

Tbh I was pretty shocked when I just saw this. Did I really make an account 6 years ago on WordPress and then proceeded to make like 5 blogs or so, and quit them all? Kinda crazy to think about it, really. Especially when I think I started a bunch of websites before WP, and also blogger ones. I was everywhere, I tried everything, but wow, I don’t really have anything to show for it.

Originally I made a WordPress account because I wanted to have a blog to put daily writings (fiction) on it, which I did for a week, and then quit. Or maybe it was because I wanted to make games, visual novels, and started thinking of what group name for myself I’d want, and so on. I even made the blog too, with the name. They’re hidden, cause hahaha, no.

I also did one for when I wanted to be an author, and wanted to publish my stories and then sell them. I have since quit that and just put all the stories on my Archive of our Own account. Same for blogger, I know I did one for when I wanted to be an author (different name) of short stories, but heh. Also one blogger like this, for reviews. I also had another WordPress blog which was for reviews/posts of things I loved.

Thing is, when I feel stuff isn’t working for me I quit, delete, remove, and go my way. It’s for the best too. Will this blog be standing/existing in 5 years? I hope so, I’m being serious and putting huge amounts of work into it. Plus it was thanks to it that I met so many lovely bloggers, people in general.

So no, this isn’t going to be a deleted blog, it’ll stand either as a thing I’ll keep working on, or as a fossil, a stone, a rock, a memory of the past.

It’s crazy to think of all the time that has passed, this blog even got its name changed once I returned after a one year hiatus. But I’ll always strive to make it work.

Ramble ramble, I’m just really going down the memory lane, feeling nostalgic about all the things I’ve tried doing over the years, before I reached here, where I am. I grew and learnt with them, so I cherish all the misshaps and failures.

Thanks for sticking by me since I returned to blogging last year, it’s going to make a full year of constant blogging, a first for me, in February. I’m super excited! 🎆🎇🎉🎊

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Dragged Me to VN Hell


Like many people, I got to know this series through the anime, then discovered there was a game being localized by MangaGamer and so I discovered visual novels, my favorite game genre nowadays.

Higurashi, then, was far more than just a series or a game to me, it set the standards by which I compared all visual novels to it. It’s tough experiencing a masterpiece as your first taste a genre, because you’ll find afterwards, they’ll be disappointing.

Higurashi was my religion for a while. I extolled how amazing it is, how good, the mystery’s, the suspense, the tenseness, the plot and characters becoming more involved with each installment. Mind you, Higurashi is still one of my favorite VN’s and it won’t be dethroned that easily. Might be because of nostalgia, or maybe, it’s just because it’s that good.

Mind you, that evaluation is mixed with said nostalgia. I can’t escape that, but even now whenever I think of Higurashi, I can remember scenes and how relieved I was when I finished and finally knew how that whole fuckery came to be, and if everyone was okay.

Higurashi was very well marketed and sold. For those that don’t know, because this is old, Higurashi is an horror and suspense VN but got sold to fans of galge/girl’s dating-sim. It was made so the first part was like a typical, normal game, with these cute girls, and then the twist happens and it mind-fucked everyone. In fact, the very art was done to emulate galge ones, so that when troll faces pop out, you know you’re in dip shit.

It was a stroke of genius for 07th Expansion, because it quickly became a cult hit which grew with each installment, until it finally received a manga and an anime. Prior to Higurashi, 07th Expansion was a small company doing card illustrations, and was as underground as a doujin company is.

This can be found everywhere, if you’d search, but I’ll tell how Higurashi happened. Call me a nerd, which I am, but I like knowing these things and telling them.

07th Expansion was back then a company made of 3-4 people, Ryuuk was the writer and artist, his brother was the programmer and his friend did the website. Said friend encouraged Ryuuk to turn Higurashi, which was a play Ryuuk had written before, into a game because he really liked it. So we can thank him for Higurashi and 07th Expansion existing as a game maker.

I’m sure you’ll find names and more details if you search for this story, because it’s been a long while since I’ve read it, and I know it because I’m particularly passionate about those that impress me.


This hasn’t been a review of the game, but it’s a bit of the journey I have with the game. There’s also not a lot of things I can say, considering how wildly known the anime is. I will say though that if you liked the anime, I implore you to play the games. I don’t care if you play using the new sprites, or Ryuuk’s (which I prefer), but you really must. The anime is a watered down version of the games, they also invented an explanation for the final that was ridiculous and wasn’t the real one. The games are worth it. The atmosphere and tenseness of scenes are through the roof, and I was floored by the mysteries and their conclusions.

This isn’t an horror game like Corpse Party, where there’s blood and graphics. Here it’s written and described, and enhanced by the OST and sound effects to make a deeply involving, absorbing game that will stick in your mind.

Safe to say, if you liked Umineko you’ll like Higurashi, but not if you were fonder of the trolls and fantasy side of things. Higurashi is not an epic tale of fantasy and magic. In Higurashi, it’s realistic and down to earth, with a dash of fantasy and absurd to enhance the mysteries and suspense.

This was a bit of a trip down memory lane, but I hope you enjoyed it as much as I liked!

Happy gaming everyone and keep on figuring out those mysteries ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Have you heard about this game before? Have you played it? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!

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You Can Find Me on Kitsu Now

Formerly known as Hummingbird, it became Kitsu these past few weeks, gaining a fund from Viz Media. This came to my attention at first through Little Anime Blog, where they made a post about it and you can read it here.

The reason I’ve made an account tho, is that I’ve always felt unsastified that MAL doesn’t let shows like RWBY and Avatar on it, nor the majority of doujin, and some webtoons. If I can’t track everything, then what’s the point??

So I always keep my eye out for new websites popping up that actually let me track all of it, instead of having to say “oh and i also watched y and z, but mal doesn’t have them” which is annoying and suffering.

So now you can find me on Kitsu too. I’m HijackedCat there, so send me an invite or tell me your username, and I’ll add you, just tell me who you’re since otherwise I won’t accept without knowing who. Or just click this link here to go to my profile directly.

Are you satisfied with MAL? Or do you wish they’d let you track shows like RWBY/Avatar? Or perhaps you don’t care either way? Tell me all, I’m curious!

Winter 2017 Plans


I’ve been completely forgetting to do this, OOPs. I think it’s because tbh I never expected to blog for this long, or to actually be this consistent with both my schedule and with making these plans/goals hahaha

I love having clear goals for 3 months, instead of a full year, a full year means I can just say “oh, lots of time left, I can do it later” and guess what? I never do hah 😹😹 /buries self

I’m going to be adding goals to my blog content, Youtube, and as always, my studies heh.

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