BTS J-Hope Releases His Mixtape Hope World To Tremendous Success


Anyone that knows BTS, is their fan or an ARMY, has been waiting for this mixtape to drop and at long last it’s dropped. I’M SCREAMING IT’S SO GOOD, A WHOLE BOP ALBUM. I’M SO AMAZED, THEY’RE SO RIDICULOUSLY TALENTED. HOBI DID THAT AAAAAH ❤

The song Daydream got an MV, with subs, you can watch it here

It’s not surprising it’s broken records, in 4 hours it’s already at more than 1 million views. The fastest MV to do that, beating DNA and Mic Drop. BTS competing with BTS is a beauty ❤

The mixtape is free, can be listened to on SoundCloud and downloaded on Mediafire, Dropbox or Google Drive.

But can also be found in Spotify, Apple Music and in iTunes to be bought.


I love love it, I’m super in love with Daydream, Hope World, Airplane, POP, Blue Side, but the whole mixtape is amazing. There’s not a single song that is sampled, they’re all incredible and they’re all produced, composed and written by Hobi. With this we have the holy trinity of mixtapes finished. Though Hobi and Namjoon have already come out and said they’re working on a second mixtape, I won’t be surprised if Yoongi is too!


Even more amazing it’s that this mixtape has broken records already. Charting #1 in over 50 countries, Jung Hoseok is now the korean artist with most #1 to his name. With a mixtape. A free mixtape. Let that sink down.

For those of us in the past, we’ll have to wait for day 2 to come so we can listen to the album in Spotify, until then we can listen in SoundCloud. It’s what I’m doing and I’m bopping. I’m going to listen to his album for the next months until their Japanese comeback happens in March and their probable Korean comeback in May.


Have you seen Daydream MV yet? Were you anticipating and excited for this release? How in love are you with Hope World? Have bought it? Have you listened to it? Tell me all!




    • Omfg right??!!! Can’t stop listening to it since it dropped, I’m hooked. It’s so good, all 7 songs are bops I’m bopping to it non-stop 🎶🎶🎶
      Plus Joonie said they’re finishing off the new album, so probably in May we’re getting it 💘


  1. In love with the heaven sent Hope World! Hixtape is definitely a whole bop as you said. Can’t get Daydream out of my head ~ They dream, they dream ~ Daydream! ❤


    • Daydream and Hope World are so catchy, it’s such a good mixtape. We’re truly blessed 💘

      Wish on a sky, wish on a scar 🎶🎶

      Hello to my hope world 🎶
      Shout-out to my hope world 🎶

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