Agust D Available Now in Spotify and iTunes

Agust D aka Suga (real name Yoongi) from BTS has his free mixtape available now on Spotify for streaming, and also available to buy in iTunes. The mixtape can be heard for free in SoundCloud, so fans can now buy it in order to support him.

This mixtape has been available for free for a year and a half now, it’s a masterpiece and got excellent reviews from Billboard, Fuse and a shout-out in Tidal when it came out in 2016.

The mixtape isn’t completely available on iTunes and Spotify since Agust D and the Intro were sampled, so they can’t sell it.

Watch Agust D MV, there’s subtitles if you turn CC on 😉

It was a tremendous success, charting #1 in over 20 countries iTunes and charted on over 50 countries. This without any promo or a heads up that they were releasing it.

My favorite songs are The Last and So Far Away ft Suran, I’ll put them below with subs because I loved them even more after I understood their message.

The Last talks about Yoongi’s struggles with being an idol, depression and OCD.

So Far Away ft Suran is a song about dreams, the guitar is just beautiful in this song.

There’s a version of this song with 2 of BTS members (Jin and Jungkook), it’s worth listening to it too 😉

This is an incredibly raw mixtape, Yoongi exposed all of himself and as someone that struggles with depression I was moved and comforted by him. He’s a fighter, and inspires me every day.

Many speculate this is BigHit testing the waters since the third rapper of the group, J-Hope (real name Hoseok) is releasing his mixtape on March 2 after working on it for 4 years now. A bomb they dropped a few hours after Agust D broke records for a solo Korean artist.

You can hear it on Spotify here, or on SoundSound here.

Did you know his mixtape is on Spotify and for sale? Were you as caught by surprise as everyone? Are you excited for Hoseok’s mixtape? What’s your favorite songs from Agust D mixtape? Tell me everything!



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