Golden Dog Year Event Starts On Superstar BTS

A new event has started on Superstar BTS, and I’m excited and ecstatic to see the game keeps being fair and not money grabbing.

This year is the year of the dog, so it makes sense why this theme is dog themed and isn’t it so cute? 🐶🐕💗

There’s daily missions to do, which will give stamps to redeem. One can use diamonds (bought with real money) to reset and redo these as much as possible. It’s not really needed, and I’ll explain why.

These are the reward list for each box, it’s randomized from one of them. Of course the rarer ones are harder to get, but everyone has the same chances of getting them, how can one not love this game? 😭

/wipes tears

I’m just moved when free mobile games are fair, which is rarer than getting the lottery.

Every day the missions reset, so we get opportunity to get 5 stamps for the box per day without using currencies.

How ecstatic are you about this event? I’m already doing it and I hope I’ll get at least once the S card reward because my luck is so bad 😿

Are you playing this game already? If not, what are you waiting for?! Tell me everything!

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