Ray’s Route is Out Now in Mystic Messenger


For those that weren’t aware CHERITZ announced his route a couple weeks back, which a majority of us were happy since we’ve been asking for an Unknown route since the start.

I must say that I’m a bit disappointed that after V’s route being so expensive, 300 hourglasses, Ray is another very expensive route at 250 hourglasses :/

It’s crazy how routes and additional segments keep increasing in hourglasses. Deep Route was between 50 and 80 hourglasses (I can’t recall exactly since it was such a long time ago). The true end was around 100 to 200 hourglasses total. Christmas dlc was around 100 hourglasses, Valentine’s and April’s Fools were around the same.

Then came Another story which have all been 200 hourglasses and up :/

Am I the only that noticed this?


They’ve added a new calling card for both characters, that is if you want to be able to call them unlimitedly. It’s not needed to complete the game or get the best ending.

Cheritz is giving 20 hourglasses with this update because of bugs.

The route is the same as V’s and branches out to his route on day 4, and has 7 endings. I wonder if Rika gets some endings here too, like it happened with V’s route 👀

Source: CHERITZ Blog

Are you excited for this route? Do you have your hourglasses ready or are you gonna pay out to buy it? Am I the only one that notice the prices hiking? Tell me all!

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    • I was thinking it was going to be 100 hourglasses since V was 300, I’m not liking this price hikes being so drastic 🙀💦
      I’m not buying it for now since I’m missing more than 100 hourglasses for it :/
      If the prices keep hiking I’ll have to give up on the game, it’s already more expensive than a brand new full game 🙀
      Have fun, I’ll be on the lookout for your review on Ray’s Route 👀👀👌


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