Inaugurating Another Gaming’s Day Twitter

If some of you don’t know, I just used my personal account before, but as I’m falling deeper into fandoms I realize it’s harder to find the things that matter, like my posts and me seeing yours to.

So for that reason, I decided to open up this account exclusive for the blog, it receives the automatic feeds and I’m also there trying to find the people from here on there.

So follow the account Another Gaming Day and it’s not just a bot account receiving feed, sometimes I rt things but only anime/manga related, and I also reply and talk every day there.

If you’re following my personal, I’ll say you can unfollow since it’s become kpop 99% of the time and rt spam haha.

I also did one exclusive for gaming, where I live tweet as I play games (which means spoilers), because it had the same issues as my personal. A lot of otome followed me and I’m not talking about it in there a lot, and my live tweets get buried haha.

If you’re interested, follow Gaming Nessa I tag all the games I’m love tweeting, so that people can mute the tag.

I hope this genuinely helps people get the feed and things they’re interested from me, instead of having to get a mess.

Tell me, do you prefer that I divide like this so it’s easier to get only what’s important? Are you gonna follow any of these? If so, which? Tell me so I can follow back! 👌

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