Monthly Update: July 2017


I’m updating what this monthly update thing is for. From now on it’s to tell the progress I’ve done in games, if any; what’s scheduled for the next month; recap all the posts published for the month; Life updatesRecap all the YouTube videos I’ve uploaded with links to them;  and any polls results and for voting.

Monthly Recap:


What’s scheduled for next month:

  • *:・゚✧Anime Spotlight: Time of Eve is Feels Packed in 6 Episodes


These posts were picked on Patreon, so if you want the chance to also dictate what appears here, consider supporting me ❤

Games progress:

  • P3P – On final day, need to do all the optional content.
  • Persona 4 Golden – On Rise’s dungeon.
  • Miles Investigation 2 – On Case 4.

Don’t forget that my blog will only have 1 post a month.

Life Updates

I finally finished my psychotherapy program, which means I have more free time now yay! I had to stop my driver’s license during it because I got overwhelmed and tired from doing both. Now I’ve picked them back right up 😀

I almost killed myself with my new scooter, so I haven’t been able to use it and will get a short bicycle to practice with before attempting to ride it again XD

I’ve been more invested in doing art lately, and improving on it 😀

The less than happier side of all this is I’m still depressed, and the new medication I received actually made me feel sick so I had to stop taking it. A pity because it actually gave me energy and made me feel better D:

I’ve also been nostalgic and been listening to Marmalade Boy’s OST, one of these days I need to rewatch it and make a post here about it!

Also, super excited that I have free time now so I can go to the beach, since I haven’t at all this year yet woohoo!

What have you been up to? Are you feeling nostalgic like me? Have you gone to the beach this year yet? Stay awesome and hope everything’s going well?


6 thoughts on “Monthly Update: July 2017

  1. Congratulations on finishing on the program ❤ ! My medication is super finicky, when I first started taking it my doc put me on 20 mg, and it was like a tranquilliser I could 't get out of bed and she had to dial it wayyy down. Then when I asked my mum to refill my script the pharmacist gave her off brand medication instead of my one telling her that it was $20 cheaper (when it was only like $1 difference) and I had migraines for like 3-4 weeks. Anyway what my long ass spiel is trying to say is that keep trying out different medications, if the one you were taking made you feel good but nauseous maybe check to see if they started you off with a dosage too high :)!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Steph! <3333
      Oh man, I detest how finicky medications are D:
      My antidepressants stopped working, even when raised afterwards OTL
      Daang, that pharmacist did dirty on you :V
      It's a frustrating thing for sure to deal with how unpredictable our systems react to medication.

      I believe mine is the lowest for this med in specific, the med itself says it cause nauseas and etc, but loads of people take it without those side effects… of course I had to be one of those that does get affected hah xD

      I will ask my psychiatrist this month to change me meds. There was one that worked well with me, but I had an allergy scare to it when she raised the dosage. I had purple dots appear on my arm, but since I was told by her that any change to my skin to stop taking it, I got scared. But it was doing me good in lower dosages, so I'm going to ask to go back to it, because I just want to be stable instead of these constant ups and downs T_T

      How have you been? I hope you've been doing good! ❤

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  2. Oh dear, sorry to hear you’re battling depression. Good luck finding meds that work for you! Mine did no positives; only negatives when I stopped taking them lol.



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