Monthly Update: April 2017


I’m updating what this monthly update thing is for. From now on it’s to tell the progress I’ve done in games, if any; Recap all the YouTube videos I’ve uploaded with links to them; a what’s scheduled for the next month; recap all the posts published for the month, and any polls results and for voting.

Monthly Recap:



What’s scheduled for next month:

  • (✪㉨✪) Manga Spotlight: Boku Girl


These posts were picked on Patreon, so if you want the chance to also dictate what appears here, consider supporting me ❤

Games progress:

  • P3P – On final day, need to do all the optional content.
  • Persona 4 Golden – On Rise’s dungeon.
  • Miles Investigation 2 – On Case 4.
  • Destiny Ninja 2+ – Kikyo’s route.
  • Lost Alice+ – Cheshire Cat route.

Don’t forget that my blog will only have 2 posts a month, one is Patreon picked, and that’s it.

And that’s all folks!



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