Monthly Update: February 2017


I’m updating what this monthly update thing is for. From now on it’s to tell the progress I’ve done in games, if any; Recap all the YouTube videos I’ve uploaded with links to them; a what’s scheduled for the next month; recap all the posts published for the month, and any polls results and for voting.

Monthly Recap:



What’s scheduled for next month:

  • Impressions: Liar, Uncover the Liar!
  • Uncover the Douchebags in Liar!
  • Crisis core Final Fantasy VII
  • *:・゚✧ Anime Spotlight: RWBY Volume 1
  • Hatoful Boyfriend

These posts were picked on Patreon, so if you want the chance to also dictate what appears here, consider supporting me ❤

YouTube Recap:

Games progress:

  • P3P – On January, creating their final weapons~.
  • Persona 4 Golden – On Rise’s dungeon.
  • FE Heroes – Finished Chapter 9, on Normal.
  • A3! – Rank 25, unlocked Autumn but haven’t read Spring or Summer yet :’D
  • Ace Attorney Trilogy – Concluding the last case of the last game ❤

And that’s all folks!



    • Hatoful wasn’t going to be for this month, but since Patreon asked for it, I shifted it for this month. Definitely cried in both games like a baby aaah
      So yes, but I’m going to give you a hint, April might be worse 😹


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