Fire Emblem Heroes Has Arrived to Drag You to Mobile Hell

The new Fire Emblem is out, in Europe, US, Asia, and it’s becoming huge already!

I never played any of the games, I do want to tho. I wanna play the 3ds games at least, Awakening and Fates, but I decided to try this out, because why not?

There’s definitely not the nostalgia or feels for me, since I don’t know these characters previously, but it’s an interesting game. The tactical part is very easy, and the game slowly gets harder without being frustrasting. Which is a bonus because I get frustrasted easily, and also hate when sprg/trpg take forever and a day to end one single battle. None of that here. Battles take 5-10 minutes, at least in the normal difficulty.

There’s also NO PERMA DEATHS, in case anyone was wondering~.

If you’ve seen games like Puzzles and Dragons, this is similar to it in terms of overall feel. You can summon ally heroes with orbs, you soend stamina for each battle, the stamina for each battle raises but your own doesn’t.

A thing that stood out to me was that the characters, both male and female, get their clothes ripped while fighting, and I LOVE THAT. Equal fanservice makes me happy asf 🙏🙏🙏🙏👌✨

Now the negatives are mostly about frustration with how some things got implemented.

First, the friend codes are pretty bad to type, to find, to use, just uuugh. I wish there was a copy function so we can just give people instead of trying to remenber or write it down, smh.

Second, and this is MAJOR, this game crashes A LOT. Like ridiculously a lot. More than any other game I’ve ever played. I have an Asus Memo Pad 7, and it’s not the best, but it has pretty nice ram. I’m not the only one that complained from this either, I saw other people on twitter mentioning it. The only way I made it stop crashing 5 times per battle or more was: TURN OFF ANIMATIONS AND BATTLES in settings. This does mean I don’t get to see those lovely illustrations getting ripped, but I’m doinf it for my mental sanity. Otherwise, I’ll have to quit the game, really it was unplayable for me without turning those off.

Third is how you can’t level the characters by using other cards, only using crystals/shards. I’m used to that gimmick of using lower tier cards, but in here those only give SP. SP unlocks new skills for the cards, but this also means if you spent time and stamina raising the level of said cards, then it’ll have been for nothing. Now, same tier cards do give some bonus stats, but who in their right mind will use a 4 star card to give sp and some bonus points to another 4 star card??? Those are better used or saved for 5 stars cards.

I don’t know if I’ll play this game for very long, especially if Nintendo and Intelligent Systems don’t so something about it crashing so dang hard. It crashes quite often for me on the menu screen. ON THE MENU SCREEN FFS.

This does wet the apetite and made me more intrigued for the mainline FE games, I feel like I should bump Awakening up so I can play it sooner~

Have you heard about this game? Have you downloaded played it already? What do think? Has it crashed for you too, or has it been smooth sailing? Tell me all!

Let’s exchange friend codes!! Mine: 2030640957 (for easy copy and pasta for you~)

Edit (7/02) :

The game stopped working on my tablet, it wouldn’t let me pass the menu screen. I’ve since made another account on my phone this time, and no issues with crashing. Either the game isn’t optimized for tablets or it is my tablet itself. I don’t know why 😭😭😭😭

Either way, I can’t add back on that account, so add this one pls!!: 3055682546

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  1. Sometimes my app crashes, but I think it´s because my phone´s RAM got full at some point. Maybe if you turn off a lot of background app data, it may help a little? xD


    • I think it’s my tablet that couldn’t deal with it. My phone has no crashes and plays it well even without any changes to settings. I’m just glad I had this phone work with it 😸


  2. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks fun! Sorry to hear about your technical issues. Nintendo always does annoying friend code thingys in their games… I have no idea why *shrugs*


  3. Sending request~

    Ouch, I’ve only had a crash maybe once and feh mostly works just fine here so it’s surprising to hear (then again, it can can handle the ram monster that is fgo so I can imagine the frustration from when I had a phone that didn’t).

    Re:spare cards, as far as I can tell even merging might be a waste since burning them gives feathers for rarity incresing and you need those a lot (and the crystal stuff takes the function anyway).
    Do recommend checking out the actual games since the simplification of feh cut out a chunk of mechanics those have.


    • Thanks so much for sending request but the game stopped working on my tablet and I couldn’t backup ORZ I did a new one on my phone and it’s working without any issues.
      My new account is : 3055682546
      Sorry for the trouble ORZ
      I’ve heard so good about FGO, didn’t know it was heavy aah
      Yah, I think merging is just for the SP, which is helpful to unlock some skills, but that’s about it haha.
      Crystals does make it easier to level up the cards. I actually don’t understand how feathers work??? Is it just about rarity if cards dropping?
      Sometimes simplicity trumps over complication. I find FE Heroes very newbie friendly and just right, but will definitely give Awakening a chance 👌


  4. Strange. Haven’t had any crashes on my BlackBerry DTEK60 nor Samsung Note 10.1. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Hope you’ll try out the Realblems soon rather than later 🙂 Fates was really really bad and cheesy. I do not recommend starting with that game. Awakening is decent enough. Try Fire Emblem (That’s its full name) on Wii U or buy the physical GBA cartridge 🙂 It’s gooooooood. Or Path of Radiance on GameCube (expensive :/) Good writing!


    • It stopped working altogether on my tablet, but works like a charm on my phone now, so I don’t know why either 😹

      That’s the first time I’ve seen a negative comment towards Fates, I’ve only ever heard good about it :0
      Oh, did you hear about the first game remake? Are you excited for it?

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      • Shadow Dragon for DS is the remake of the first one. The one that’s comes now is the second game 🙂 Nonetheless I always do look forward to a FE game! Even though Gaiden (the second game) was considered bad of what I’ve heard.


        • Ooh, I see makes sense. I hope they port that to 3ds then, to make it more acessible~
          Maybe with the remake the second game will become real good, other franchises have done games that sucked originally into real good ones later on, so keep up hope 🔥🔥

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          • Shadow Dragon is on Virtual Console on Wii U at least 🙂 Yeah! Let’s hope 20+ years between the original and the remake does get the job done 🙂


    • Fates does have a poor story, but I wouldn’t say “it’s really really bad” and “don’t start with it”. It’s a lot more forgiving than old Fire Emblems with casual and phoenix modes, while still having the varied objectives that Awakening lacks.

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      • I like to think that Fates will make the other games look too hard and/or primitive when you start with it. After played Fates for 120 hours (combined between the three) I can say for sure that game isn’t… good. Poor story? After all my years and several playtroughs through Fire Emblem, isn’t like the story… quite the big deal for the series? I have probably 300 hours in the end game of Sacred Stones so story isn’t all of it ofc, but still. I love the grind though.


          • I think Awakening is a more logical choice. Easy enough and keeps the gameplay a bit more traditional than Fates — but your logic is flawless indeed. I thought FE7’s Easy Mode would be a OK, starting point, but people the most (in my personal experience) thought of it as to hardcore. Just don’t start with Shadow Dragon, even if it’s the “first” game 😛

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            • FE7 is where I started off, and I would agree it’s a good place to start. It’s a different challenge though, you can only shop when you see stores on the map, you have to guard the convoy, and permadeath is unavoidable. Awakening’s partner system is frustrating to me, which is why I don’t really sing its praises, but it is a good game and a good place to start.

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              • I really don’t like Awakening that much either. In the end of the game you’re dealing so much damage all the skills are just wasted. Only way the game handles that is give us DLCs with waaay to OP enemies.

                Yeah, FE7 has some hardships, but that’s what makes you appreciate the later games. If you’re used to Fates and the likes, FE7’ll probably be to primitive. FE7 is my favourite, because it really makes Fire Emblem what Fire Emblem truly is about. Strategy, Story, Characters, Graphics, Multiplayer, and a necessary hard time. Awesome replay value with Hector’s route and a chance to get to know other character better + hidden levels. It doesn’t have a real end game though. Take the final boss and you’re done.

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                • I agree with all your points there lol. 7’s actually my favorite too, interestingly. (But I’ll still defend Fates and say is an enjoyable game, despite its shortcomings.)

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                  • I’ve played it 120 hours so I can’t say it’s useless. My friend rage-quitted it because it wasn’t his kind of Emblem 😛 Still sticking to that — even though it’s easy — it’s not a good first-impression of FE.

                    But seriously. Fates story… Omfg… bad exicuted. Intelligent System didn’t tackle that 3 ways story well.

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                    • That’s what my sister did with Awakening lol. She and I both liked Fates way better.
                      I agree, that story is the worst. O_o It pains me to say it since I loved it otherwise.

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  5. I actually haven’t experienced any crashes myself, so I guess I’m really lucky there! I’ll have to friend you on there (and steam too…I keep forgetting lol).
    I would definitely recommend Fates Conquest over Awakening; I thought the gameplay was far superior to Awakening’s, and you can still disable permadeath.


    • It became unplayable on my tablet, but now works without issues on my phone. I had to do another account because it didn’t let me backup before it stopped working, if you don’t mind adding me again: 3055682546
      /pats I forget stuff all the time too 😹
      Did fates simplify the mechanics? Because the simpler /less convoluted the better for me. I’m enjoying heroes a lot as it is, so I hope it isn’t too mechanic heavy/etc on the 3ds games 😭

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      • Oh cool, I’ll re-add you! My username is Cesyl, btw.
        Ah, you might prefer Awakening then; Fates is a bit more complicated than Awakening, but it’s less random (particularly the partner system). Neither are crazy complex, but they do require time and thought.


  6. I’ve joined you in mobile hell, just sent you a friend request! I think the crashes may have to do with people downloading and deleting again to get better heroes. I haven’t had any crashes yet though, maybe I’m lucky!


    • Thanks bb.
      I’ve since edited the post because the game stopped working on my tablet, so I had to start a fresh account on my phone ORZ
      If you don’t mind adding this one: 3055682546
      I think it just isn’t optimized for all tablets and phones, cause it’s working without any hangings or issues on my phone, and I didn’t even touch any of the settings! 😹


  7. Sorry to hear of the crashes you are experiencing. I am playing the iOS version and haven’t had any problems.

    If you abandon the game I would recommend playing Awakening. It’s much better because of the relationships your units form. You can also disable perma-death.


    • Thanks! I guess it has to do with the requirements for the game, cause I’ve seen others complain of crashes or that the game didn’t start on their phones.
      I’ve been told to play Awakening so much I guess I have to get on it. I blame FE Heroes, I swear I wanted to finish P3P, but mobile hell is gripping me strong rn 😹😹
      Bless disabling perma death, and giving the option to fans and gamers, cause I appreciate it 🙏🙏

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