Monthly Update: February 2017


I’m updating what this monthly update thing is for. From now on it’s to tell the progress I’ve done in games, if any; Recap all the YouTube videos I’ve uploaded with links to them; a what’s scheduled for the next month; recap all the posts published for the month, and any polls results and for voting.

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*:・゚✧Anime Spotlight: Yowamushi Pedal Will Give You a Ride


Sakamichi Onoda is a cheerful otaku looking to join his new school’s anime club, eager to finally make some friends. Unfortunately, the club has been disbanded and he takes it upon himself to revive it by finding students who are willing to join. Without much luck, Onoda decides to make a round trip to Akihabara on his old, bulky city bicycle, a weekly 90-kilometer ride he has been completing since fourth grade.

This is when he meets fellow first year student, Shunsuke Imaizumi, a determined cyclist who is using the school’s steep incline for practice. Surprised by Onoda’s ability to climb the hill with his specific type of bicycle, Imaizumi challenges him to a race, with the proposition of joining the anime club should Onoda win. And thus begins the young boy’s first foray into the world of high school bicycle racing!

From MAL

This is a sports anime I’ve wanted to write for a while now, cause I never see it mentioned around, nor do I see much love towards it.Heck I see a lot of people dismiss it for the art style, or because it has no bishies to make them want to watch, which is just…ugh. It’s a goddamn sports anime, not a guaranteed bishounen heaven! One of the reasons I love Daiya is that most of the characters are just normal kids, some ugly, some cute, some fat, some tall, some small, each with their own uniqueness and personality to complete the package. Sports anime is not, and shall never be, defined by if it has bishounens, okay? 💢💢💢 But that’s a rant for another day /sighs deeply

I watched this after I finished Daiya and entered into that “I NEED MOAR SPORTS ANIME, ALL THE SPORTS”, which means I watched this, Haikyuu, tried some with girls (oh do not get me started on that, that’s a rant for another day too 😹😹😹), some older ones too. Out of all the ones that I watched, YowaPeda, and Haikyuu, stood out to me as the best ones.

Before I get into all the good qualities, I will say YowaPeda does take a bit to really hit stride and get you hooked. The first 6 episodes is just introducing the dudes, Onoda’s skills and honing of them, until the team gets full and they can start biking away on the races. Bear with it, and you’ll find yourself in a highly enjoyable, super cute and pumping sports anime.

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Support Me on Patreon


Everyone is on Patreon, which I really wanna support you all, and I would if I had a job/money for it T_T

I was tweeting I’d like to do one, but I felt like my content and everything else I did was worthless, compared to what everyone else was doing/using Patreon for.

Arria, Lita, Iris, Zel, everyone just…slapped me, lovingly of course, and told me I’m not worthless, neither is my content, and that if I wanna do it, then by all means I should do it. And you know what, it’s true. I mean, I still feel like I don’t know what I’m doing, or why anyone would pay for this, but I wanna get positive, I wanna show that what I do is worth something, that I’m worth something.

So now I’m on Patreon, and this is just a direct way of supporting me, instead of affiliate links, so definitely look it up. Even if it’s just to give me critics and feedback on it, I would really appreciate it!

For those that don’t know, Patreon is a bit like kickstarter but monthly paid, and people get access to exclusive content only found on there~

I have a few tiers, basically for exclusive polls; sneak peeks of what I’m working on my blog, youtube and game development; also some let you tell me what to write/do. So if you’ve ever wanted to know all I’m working on, or command me to do something, this is your chance! XP

Said link to my Patreon:

I’ll be pleased no matter what people say, or support me with, be it words or monetary, I take everything gladly and very gratefully ❤

Have you heard about Patreon? Do you know how it works? Do you have a Patreon yourself? If so, share it, I’d love to take a peek at yours! ❤

*:・゚✧Manga Spotlight: The Ice-Cold Demon’s Tale is a Charming Classic BL

In the beginning, there was a demon in a cave: Blood, trapped in ice for many decades. In order to break the curse that bound him, he searched for the “tear jewel.” One day, a youth called Ishuca appeared before him. He was suffering from an illness, and had come to the cave to die. Blood was touched by Ishuca’s kindness, and began to feel drawn to him. However, death soon came to Ishuca, and, saddened by the death, Blood began to weep. His tear became the “tear jewel,” and Ishuca’s life was saved through its power.

The two set off on a journey. On the way, Blood was reunited with some old companions, but—since the demons wanted him to return to his old self, and Blood wanted to continue to travels with Ishuca—his former companions became his enemies. Upon confessing his own past to Ishuca, Blood promised never to kill another human. Having completed their journey—and with the aim of finding the jewel that Wild, the jewel-dealer, had asked for—they find themselves at the Toei Cliffs…!?

From MAL

Volumes: 24

Status: Finished

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Shounen Ai, Supernatural

Author: Sugiura, Shiho


I discovered this was finished translating (by fans, I love you all!!!) two days ago, after waiting nine hundred years because it kept being passed around from group to group.

I just finished marathoning it for two days, 24 volumes, and I can’t tell you how empty, sad and just overwhelmed, mind blown and how I wish it would have never ended. This is one of the best shounen-ai series I’ve ever read, and that I’ve finally been able to finish it when others like Ze, Dark Descendants, Loveless, Love/Sex Pistols haven’t, is… I don’t even know how to express it.

I just have a lot of feelings right now, but it surprised me, endeared and reeled me in just as much as the first time I read it, and though it didn’t make me cry like Silver Diamond (by the same author) it was equally great.

I cannot extol her as much as I wish I could. 90’s manga is everything to me, most of my favorites come from the 90’s, and even the aesthetic is so appealing to me.

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Destiny Ninja 2+: Shiroya is More than You Bargained For


Shiroya is the shota of the group. He’s an adorable bean that is pretty carnivorous, I mean first CG you get he’s hugging her naked stomach, and you can bet your ass it’s on purpose (^_<)~☆

He’s bright, cheery, cute and so supportive to Ayame, so of course I had to pick him as my first route for this game. I must say, do not regret at all! Shotas usually have better routes and stories, maybe because I love coming-of-age stories. Maybe it’s because their jovial, happiness masks darkness, sadness. They’re complex beans, and never what they appear like, so they’re intriguing.

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