Monthly Update: January 2017


I’m updating what this monthly update thing is for. From now on it’s to tell the progress I’ve done in games, if any; Recap all the YouTube videos I’ve uploaded with links to them; a what’s scheduled for the next month; recap all the posts published for the month, and any polls results and for voting.

Monthly Recap:



What’s scheduled for next month:

  • Impressions: Destiny Ninja 2+
  • Destiny Ninja 2+ Shiroya
  • Manga Spotlight: Ice-cold Demon’s Tale
  • Anime Spotlight: Yowamushi Pedal

Monthly YouTube Recap:


Games progress:

  • P3P – No progress.
  • StormLover Kai – On Rikka.
  • Dramatical Murder – On Mink.
  • Destiny Ninja 2+ –  On Ran.
  • Guard me, Sherlock – On Sherlock.
  • Liar! Uncover the LiarFinished all the Liars, uninstalled.
  • Persona 4 Golden – On Rise’s dungeon.

Thank you to everyone that voted on the poll, the results were:

I’m surprised BL didn’t rank higher, tbh, considering how thirsty everyone I know is 😹😹😹 I’ll know what to focus on to try to finish earlier, tho I’m not making any promises in case I can’t finish all the ones I plan to 💦💦 I’ll be back with another poll when I get inspired to do it, new year means this poll is officially done with woo! 🎉🎉

And that’s all folks!


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