You Can Find Me on Kitsu

Formerly known as Hummingbird, it became Kitsu these past few weeks, gaining a fund from Viz Media. This came to my attention at first through Little Anime Blog, where they made a post about it and you can read it here.

The reason I’ve made an account tho, is that I’ve always felt unsastified that MAL doesn’t let shows like RWBY and Avatar on it, nor the majority of doujin, and some webtoons. If I can’t track everything, then what’s the point??

So I always keep my eye out for new websites popping up that actually let me track all of it, instead of having to say “oh and i also watched y and z, but mal doesn’t have them” which is annoying and suffering.

So now you can find me on Kitsu too. I’m HijackedCat there, so send me an invite or tell me your username, and I’ll add you, just tell me who you’re since otherwise I won’t accept without knowing who. Or just click this link here to go to my profile directly.

Are you satisfied with MAL? Or do you wish they’d let you track shows like RWBY/Avatar? Or perhaps you don’t care either way? Tell me all, I’m curious!


5 thoughts on “You Can Find Me on Kitsu

  1. i don’t think im ever satisfied w any sites where i can save stuff like that xD thats probs why i have so many accounts Orz

    what can you record there? just anime? im probably going to make one so if you see someone by the name of crimson thats prob me 😉


    • Same Crim,same. I’m sure i won’t be 100% happy with this, but i actually read this is open source, so we can add stuff to database, so we can have all the doijin, anime,,manga, etc, in one place! 👌
      Anime, manga, anime-inspired shows. I haven’t checked yet for doujin,nor light novels, but it’s still growing. I really hope it becomes as good as i wish.
      Yeees, comeee bb, comeeee. Add me so i can feel you (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  2. Ooh, I was thinking about joining myself, but since you’ve beaten me to it I might have to follow suit, haha! Thanks for the quick shout out too ❤


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