Monthly Update: December 2016


To recapitulate what & why this is for:

So what will this entail? Just giving my progress on games, what I’m playing and how much I’m done, without any spoilers!, effectively removing any need for that useless page I had up~

Another function of this little thing, is to say what I’ve scheduled/is incoming in the next month, to wet the appetite x)

So for this month of December:

  • P3P – No progress.
  • StormLover Kai – No progress.
  • Dramatical Murder – No progress.
  • Destiny Ninja 2+ –  On Ran.
  • Guard me, Sherlock – Sherlock.
  • Mystic Messenger – Christmas DLC!
  • Liar! Uncover the LiarFinished all the Liars, Pondering if I should play some Lover routes
  • Persona 4 Golden – On Rise’s dungeon.

For January, we’ll have:

  • Impressions: Project X Zone 2
  • New Year, New Decisions, New Things
  • Higurashi in Naku Koro Ni
  • Manga Spotlight: Goodnight Punpun
  • Hatoful Boyfriend

Blog Updates

Just check the menu of the blog, I’ve mucked around too much to be able to list them all anymore :’D

In case you missed them, all the posts for this month:




Games won, and now I’m wondering what genre of games are you most interested in seeing from me~!

And that’s all folks!

I got a pretty bad food poisoning, so it took a pretty big toll on me. I’ll still try replying to everyone, it will just take longer. Ditto for reading posts, sorry!



    • Thanks!
      And yeah it really does, it knocked me off my ass for two weeks and I still don’t feel 100% 😦 it was also real scary, so definitely not eating food unless it’s been well cooked/etc.
      Have you ever had food poisoning? 👀

      Liked by 1 person

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