Jackass! Does Leg Kink Right

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High school student Hara Keisuke suddenly finds himself wearing a pantyhose while putting on his jersey. This happened because his sister was wearing his jersey the day before, but Keisuke doesn’t find the right timing to laugh it off. The one who helps him in this situation is his good-looking best friend Shinoda. Performing perfectly in tune they get out, but when Shinoda watches Keisuke take off the pantyhose he suddenly changes…?

from MAL

Man this BL by Scarlet Beriko was a hot one, yet with a a dash of angst and feelings, so it felt meat-y. Plus there was a realism to it that I enjoyed, there wasn’t any rape but they also didn’t develop instantly, which is great! I also really enjoy friends-to-lovers type of stories the best, because they feel like they’ve been building up to it, instead of sudden~

I’m actually blown-away that in 6 short chapters this manga had so much density. I really did not expect it, I thought it’d be just a simple porn smut to pass the time, but it was not so. Which was a really good pleasant surprise! ヽ(^Д^)ノ

Plus the kink scenes with the stockings, biting legs and thighs??? HNNNNG, KINK IS MY MIDDLE NAME, YES BITE HIM WELL AND GOOD /breathes. The sex scenes were great, plus realism. Lubed Condoms! Fingered open! Slowly and steady yet really intense! /brings out an industrial fan.

Ya’ll need to live and experience this one if you like thighs, sexiness, and legs

Have you heard about this manga before? Have you read it? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!



    • I love her art too! There’s just something very enchanting, and naughty ohoho, on her works 👀👀👀👌
      Minori no Te? Hmm, I need to read it, I don’t think I have yet, I’m always up for hot and sexy 👀👀👀✨


      • Yes, oh my gosh. You have to read “Minori no Te”. So freaking sexy. Ah. I can’t count anymore how many times I’ve reread it. Oh, and read works by Kamon Saeko too. Her art is great too. Her stories can be quite twisted but…well, this is yaoi so…yeah.


            • Oh, I’ve read that one, but I’ve read better threesomes. From her i liked the beast guy/violent dude, that one was hot ans funny hahah .👀👌
              Definitely super sexy! Scarlet Beriko is so so good, bless her 🙏🙏🙏🙏


              • What?!!! Where is this better 3some? I wanna knoooooow!!!! Tell me!!!!
                (○ `人´ ○) タノンマスー!

                Yes, I read that…I didn’t really like that though, but I enjoyed it. Does that make sense?

                I knooooow. Scarlet Beriko’s art is beautiful. We need more!!!!


                • If you want a lewd, slightly fucked up threesome try Chocolate, strawberry, Vanilla (might not be in that order) for some mighty good stuff 👌👌👌👌
                  Definitely makes sense bb, there’s some mangakas/works that are super loved and i can never get into, like Viewfinder. I love her Crimson Spell but heavily dislike VF 😹😹
                  Let’s kidnap and chain Scarlet to make BL porn directly to our monitors 🙏🙏

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                  • I think I’ve read them before, but I don’t remember much. Perhaps gotta read them again to refresh myself.
                    Ahahahaha! If we could just hunt her and do exactly that, we’ll do it without hesitation but I have a feeling that her other fans would burn us alive. Oh well.

                    Do you know other BL mangaka with similar gorgeous artstyle as her?


                    • Refresh on the sins Arria ohoho (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
                      Her other fans would chop us into liver for stealing her from them for sure 😹😹
                      Ooooh, that’s a tough mark, depends on what you like from her art. I really love Nekota Yonezou artwork, she did Please Be Kind to Me or hidoku shinaide and elektel complex. Her sex scenes and semes…ohlalala just so so good. On hidoku shinaide when Maya finally gets his hair black…ultra seme mode activated, I was shook asf /fans self
                      Crimson Spell is gorgeous too, and so much good sex ohyeah.
                      But their style isn’t exactly identical to Scarlet’s or anything, just personally love them too~ 😈

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                    • Oh my gosh. I just refreshed myself with Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla. Oooooh! So sinful! Definitely a yummy threesome, but I think I still prefer Kamon Saeko’s Futari no Musuko ni Nerawarete Imasu. Ahahaha! I know, right? Scarlet Beriko’s fans would massacre the two of us for stealing her.
                      I think I read some works by Nekota Yonezou too. I just don’t remember which one. I’ll check those out. Thanks, bb! Although I sort of remember reading the Elektel one. Just can’t be sure.
                      I’m curious about Crimson Spell. I’ll try it and tell you what I think. Thanks!
                      That’s fine, Cat. I like beautiful art style, but even if its average, I’ll still love it if it has an awesome story and great characters…and yummy sex, of course.


                    • Definitely is a good one, it’s so dirty bless 🙏🙏
                      Kamon saeko’s work tends to go down the melodrama route, so it’s why i don’t tend to enjoy her work as much. I see your kinks Arria (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
                      Nekota did a couple of mangas with short stories with the same theme before she started doing some series, so you might. I know she has one where one of the stories is a really lewd threesome, bless 🙏🙏
                      Have you read the BL with Sebastian from kuroshitsuji in it? (It’s not him but super similar ohoho) it’s called kamisama no iuutori, ohohoho /lewd wink
                      Eletkel is completed now, so you can definitely go down on it whole… 😈
                      Ooh,curious what you’ll think of all the hot demon sex ohohoho
                      Same, if characters or stories isn’t there, even the most beautiful art can’t make me super love it. Like I’ll love it for the prettiness and for the hot smut, but it won’t get deep inside me and i won’t remember the name of the stories xD

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                    • I knoooooow. It was good. Well, that’s true. But I do enjoy some melodrama here and then. Sssssh! Not too loud, Cat. 😂

                      Oh my g. YES! I just read “Kami-sama no Iutoori”. It’s now one of my faves. I read Moegi Yuu’s “Katekyo” before too and I like the more developed relationship between the protags there. Midori in Kami-sama looks like Sebastian on crack. My g, that dick was huge! And I was reading it in the living room. I had to look around quickly to see if the parents saw what I was reading. Ahaha! My dad knows I watch and read yaoi but I prefer not to let him see his daughter looking at huge manga dicks, y’know what I mean.

                      Exactly. And if the manga has both gorgeous art and story, I’m sold!


                    • tsk tsk, don’t tell me you LIKE watching those soap operas on TV???
                      /SHOUTS LOUDER
                      Katekyo is definitely also a real good one by her, I love her semes, and her ukes are real good too because they’re dynamic and not some walking crying waffle holes for the semes to pound into. /coughs
                      Midori can come and open me up just like he did to his boyfriend ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
                      His dick WAS pretty loaded /wink wink But not so big it’s tree trunk level, I’ve seen those on some BL and don’t really enjoy it heh
                      Your dad sounds awesome, none here know of my habits, it’s my porn and what I fap to, I don’t want them knowing, they don’t tell me theirs either so ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
                      convert him to manga dicks ohohohohohohhohohoo
                      SAAMEEE, gorgeous art + story?! = I’M SO DOWN AND SLURPING IT ALL IN /coughs


                    • I don’t watch soap opera. I don’t even watch TV anymore, except to watch anime or to watch a favourite show…usually like Masterchef and such…or documentaries.

                      I knoooooooow. Midori is like Sebastian on crack. Those muscles. That chest. Sigh. Sebastian is so slim compared to him. Still hot, though.

                      I know. I’m so happy that Katekyo is longer. I think I’ve read it 3 times already. So good. I agree about here ukes.

                      Oh my g. No. Seriously? What? Oh well. I’m not too surprised, though. I don’t enjoy them too. Ahahaha! They still think I’m innocent. Ssssh! They just accept that I’m the curious type so they let me read whatever I want and watch whatever I want because they “believe” that I won’t get corrupted. 😉

                      Ahahaha! You’re so funny!


                    • Same, haven’t watched TV in years now. Like passing by it I see some stuff if parents are at home, but usually it’s on the animal shows like nat geo, discovery, and such, so I see pretty thaaaaangs!
                      uhUHuh, i see now, you’re totally hooked to soap operas of the realism kind, i see how it goes smh@u
                      Those eyes when he went all serious and scary and tried to finger Midori open and /wipes drool
                      I want both Sebastian and Midori to fuck together on top of a long table, yes pls /ninjas in just to see them fuck
                      Katekyo being longer is what made me really enjoy her works more <333

                      UM, curious type + innocence + guys fucking = does not compute ???
                      your parents are a very special kind of people, bless them heheheheheheheehhohohhohohohohho

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                    • I see. Same here.
                      Ahahaha! I’m not gonna go that far, Cat. The term soap opera makes my eyes glaze. -___- Ahahah! But what do I know? There might be a soap opera that I’ll be addicted in the future. Never say never.

                      Oh my gosh. A devil and a god. Gosh. Ah. That’s something to see. It’s going to be wild.

                      P.S. Katekyo is awesome!


                    • You should always go as far as me, Wild Arria, embrace it ohohohohoh /evil face
                      Soap Opera reminds me of space operas, I don’t know what’s the difference or why both have opera in the name so they got linked in my brain xDDD
                      I can see you getting addicted to trashy soap operas with incest real easily XD
                      Always wild, Wild Arria 😛
                      Katekyo is greaaat!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Oh Cat. I’m actually really uncomfortable about incest, even in stories. I find it difficult to watch or read. It’s only very few stories that entertain me…I won’t go as far as “enjoy” them. They make me, er, confused, I guess. But anyway, let’s move on from that iffy subject.

                      Yes! Katekyo is great! I have a mind to reread it. So cute! Kaede is so hot!

                      P.S. What the heck is a space opera? Is it like Star Trek or Star Wars?


                    • Really? Uncomfortable? Hmmmhmm!!!! Who Would have thought it. I quite enjoy it if it’s feelings based, like if they didn’t know and fell in love and then figured it out. Ohoho.

                      I should probs reread Katekyo and write on it, but i found myself overworked and will probably do a break and just laze and read books without the purpose of doing some writings for my blog, or filming videos. I need rest + I’m still sick, waiting for them results 😹

                      Ps. I think it’s like both of those. Maybe wiki will enlighten us? Cause no idea why. Space opera to me really evokes someone singing in space, not flashy gunfight in space 😹😹


                    • Yes! Katekyo is really good. I want to write about it too. Actually I want to write about all the yaoi series I’ve read & watched…we’ll see. When I’m not too feeling lazy. I hope that you feel better soon, bb! Being sick sucks.


                    • Hmmmm. Maybe? I would love to do that, but like you I feel very lazy. Extreme Cold Weather alert here in my area has been plaguing us for days now. My body just feels like it’s on hibernation mode, and I just feel lazy and heavy and drowsy all the time. I would love to write more BL posts, but oh well. Maybe when I feel a little more alert. Ehehehe! How about you?


                    • It was real cold here for a week or so too, so I feel you :’D
                      Same. I wanna do even more BL posts. I did three last month, Woo, but since I’m everywhere and nowhere, I dunno if I’ll do any this month. I do want to cause I’m reading some webtoons, but I’m lazy and it’ll involve effort hah

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                    • Ooooh. Which webtoons are you reading? I’m watching dramas right now. In my drama phase after how many years. Have you been keeping up with Kiling Stalking? I also want to do more BL posts, but there are still things I need to take care of, being inactive for so long. By the way, I have missed you so much and I’m eternally grateful for all your wonderful YOI presents to me even when I was offline. /hugs tightly until you choke/


                    • Too many to count hahaha. One of them is killing stalking, blood bank,and… I dunno, too many names oops
                      Yes I have been keeping up with it hehe
                      I’m so rarely in drama phase, mine lasts like a few weeks, not even a full month haja, enjoy it!
                      Being inactive is cool if you’re busy with other stuff, don’t worry 💖💖💖

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Ahahaha! Well, I’m not surprised. I’m not up to date with Killing Stalking. I’m thinking of waiting it out until more chapters are out.

                      Same here. I’m so rarely in drama phase. I think I’m losing interest already.

                      Well, I was inactive because I had to. There was a family medical emergency and everyone was so stressed out. We’re still on high alert but things are slowly returning to normal. Thanks, bb!


                    • Killing Stalking is messing with us, so you definitely should wait if you don’t want to get enraged and kill someone yourself 😹😹
                      Hahaha, it’s the same that happens to me with dramas. I last like 5 episodes. We’re really twins xP
                      Aw, that sucks about being inactive because of circumstances : (
                      I’m glad everything is returning to normal and you’re feeling better too 🙏💖💖💖💖💖💖

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                    • Indeed, that’s what I’m doing. Although I keep seeing these spoilers on my timelines so it’s difficult to resist the temptation although I’m holding out pretty well, if I may say so. I knoooow. Are we really twins or what? I started some drama and I havent’t finished them yet. I only finished 2 drama since I started watching drama again last year. XD


                    • We must be twins XPPP
                      I’ve only finished like 4-5 dramas my entire life so you’re doing good 😹😹😹😹😹
                      Resisting the temptation? You’re strong 😹😹😹👏👏👌👌👌👌

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • What?!!! That few?! Oh wow. I must say that I watched drama all the time as a teen, but then I stopped altogether for a few years until started taking them up again last year but it’s not really going well. Only finished 2. Oh well.


                    • I was never really into dramas, so that’s why!! 💦💦
                      Maybe dramas just aren’t for you, you need another kind of drama now 😏

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