Monthly Update: November 2016


I’m back again, to update y’all on what I’ve been up to. A lot of games I started/tried, and also lots of unplanned posts /wipes sweat

Another great thing is I finally have the results for my previous poll and started a new one, you can find them below/at the end of the post, hehe~

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*:・゚✧Anime Spotlight: Hybrid Child Milked All My Feels


Most know Shungiku Nakamura as the mangaka of Junjou Romantica, which in my opinion is her weakest work. Her Sekaiichi Hatsukoi was head and shoulders above JR, and one of my favorites. I’m quite fond of lost lovers finding themselves again. But the one story that grabbed me by the throat and made me cry rivers, was Hybrid Child.

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॰৹꒰❢❢꒱Let’s Talk About: Lee Hi


So this is going to be winded, cause this story is a long one.

Like many people I got to know about Kpop Star Audition because Park Jimin singing Rolling in the Deep went viral on Twitter. She got cheered by the judges, but even tho she was only 14 year old, which is very impressing, her voice is not the type that captivates me.

In the videos comment people talked about checking out the other contestants, the show itself, and Lee Hi/Hayi (she became Lee Hi when she debuted). Her voice captivated me immediately, as did her personality. Lee Hayi was (and is) only one year older than Jimin, but her voice sounded older, more mature and soulful ❤

Her first audition was a pretty sassy, which I love, rendition of Bust Your Windows and was the one that made me tune in to the show and watch it.

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Guest Blogger TwoHappyCats: Top 10 BL Manga We Love

The lovely TwoHappyCats was asking on twitter if anyone wanted to do collabs, and I thirst for collabs cause I haven’t done many (just one so far t.t) so of course I volunteered! Hehe x)

I haven’t spoken much about BL here, aside from mentioning one in my Top 10 Anime That Made Us Cry , and neither did she, so we figured it was time to fix that! ~(^◇^)/

So I pass the mic to her:

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10 Japanese Learning Tips

When you search how to learn Japanese you get told this:

Learn Hiragana
Learn Katakana
Learn kanji
Learn Grammar

Which is…helpful but also not very helpful, in a way. I didn’t find it helpful because it’s very vague. I don’t do vague well! (⌒_⌒;)
The reality is some learners play games, never study, and they still learn the language. Others learn it with textbooks. Others use Memrise and Anki, apps/website to help remembering content thanks to SRS and mnemonics. Others mix them all up.
It’s up to you to decide which you prefer, as a learner and knowing how you best learn, or discover it by trying them all.

Now what’s my way to approach otome gaming?

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