With New Updates Comes New Features in Mystic Messenger 


That’s right there’s a new update in Mystic Messenger and it’s brought new things that were unexpected! Like that new title image featuring Seven now.



I’m glad they’ve done Parties optimization, since the new major update I haven’t been able to do parties at all, so I hope they’re working now. I’ll have to try it out, but I sure hope it’s fixed it. I wasn’t able to do Jaehee’s party thanks to it T_T RN I’m in the middle of Seven’s route, so when I get to his end I’ll see if it’s working~

Do tell me if before the parties crashed for you and now it’s fixed!


The unexpected feature was definitely Seven’s spaceship! It rewards hearts and hourglasses once it reaches the Honey chips, so keep an eye out for it! It also brings up the other member’s thoughts, which is so cool!

To see what Cheritz has said about it, just go to their post about the update, HERE.

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