Monthly Update: October 2016


To recapitulate what & why this is for:

So what will this entail? Just giving my progress on games, what I’m playing and how much I’m done, without any spoilers!, effectively removing any need for that useless page I had up~

Another function of this little thing, is to say what I’ve scheduled/is incoming in the next month, to wet the appetite x)

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Series to Fill Your Halloween Cravings


Everyone is doing, so I wanna do it too!

I actually don’t play horror games because I’m a huge baby about it, I also can’t watch live-action horror movies after The Grudge american version made me paranoid for the worst week of my life, but I don’t have those issues with anime and manga, hurra! I think it’s because anime and manga are psychological and not about so much about the jump scares, so here go some that I enjoyed~

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Mystic Messenger – Jaehee is a Burnout Workaholic That Needs Your Love



I’ve also done posts on YoosungZen.

A lot of people don’t like Jaehee, nor do they do her route, because they believe she’s jealous and wants Zen’s dick. Well I’m here to tell you NO, SHE WANTS MC, REAL BAD. Also, ya’ll don’t know what you’re missing by not doing her route!

Multiple times she says in her route that she doesn’t want Zen, and Zen complains that all Jaehee can talk is of the MC when they’re together. So if anything, Jaehee is jealous when MC gets with the other dudes, and not because she wants any of the other dudes. SHE IS MY LESBIAN QUEEN, AND YOU CANNOT REMOVE HER GAYNESS.

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Helping Uncover the Truth in Liar! with a Compilation of Links


As most of you know, Solmare, Cheritz and Voltage are boxing in the F2P rank currently, duking it out with Guard me Sherlock, Mystic Messenger and Liar. Which is delightful, seeing companies each other for better products? AWESOME, A-GRADE, DOUBLESAUCE.

Liar doesn’t take as much adjustment as Mystic Messenger did, but you’ll find yourself surprisingly needing Cool Points, A LOT OF COOL POINTS, like CRAZY AMOUNTS of them. In fact, I had to quit 6th Liar route near the end because not enough points, and I wanted to take advantage of the 5 tickets = 50 coins campaign that is currently on,in order to amass coins for at least one lover’s route which is money only/coins only~

Plus at some times I had to look at a guide to see if I was choosing the right dude, because I want them full Savvy Points to get S Rank and unlock all the endings in one go!

So for that reason I had to search for some guides, and now I’m compiling them, I hope you enjoy them~!

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