Monthly Update: September 2016


After the fiasco that was me forgetting to schedule August’s MU post, here I am back to trying to do it and actually make it go out in time :”’D

To recapitulate what & why this is for:

So what will this entail? Just giving my progress on games, what I’m playing and how much I’m done, without any spoilers!, effectively removing any need for that useless page I had up~

Another function of this little thing, is to say what I’ve scheduled/is incoming in the next month, to wet the appetite x)

So for this month of September:

P3P – On side dungeons.

StormLover Kai – On Rikka’s route with 4 or so months to go.

Hakuoki – Game over, Common route, Okita, Hijikata, Kazama, Saito, Heisuke.

Dramatical Murder – Clear happy ending, Mink ongoing.

Destiny Ninja 2+ – Happy Endings for Shiroya, Ayu. 

Guard me, Sherlock – Doing Sherlock.

Mystic Messenger – Yoosung, bad ending #2, Normal, Good, After. You can find my post here.


For October, we’ll have:

  • Let’s Rant On: Labels and Misconceptions of Fujoshi
  • Impressions: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy & Curtain Call Demo
  • Hakuoki – Demon of the Fleeting Blossom
  • Let’s Talk About: After School Nightmare


Blog Updates

Mucked around with my Masterpost/All Posts/Posts List page, adding jumping links to the various sections, icons for each section, and added new images to posts~! Also separated the games, adding pages to it by platform Android, NintendoPCSony, for easier finding.

Altered my About page, added a page called Japanese Studies History to it.

Added Learning JP with Otome category to posts and also added it to the menu.

OFC, I also started Cat Translates, adding it to the menu~

In case you missed them, all the posts for this month:




In an effort to know what ya’ll would like to see more from my blog, I’ve decided to start doing polls, and I’d appreciate your input~!

And that’s all folks!


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