Bans lifted from Mystic Messenger with new Update


The new mystic messenger update is out and with it brings forth good news for those banned, and bug fixes.

The question I raise now, about that final point about timezones is, how is daylight savings going to work with this?

Someone ask Cheritz, or link me if they’ve answered it, I’m curious!

It seems as though instead of continuing with the bans, they’ve decided instead to make it unable to login when changing hour. I wonder if everyone stopped being banned, or if only those wrongly banned got unbanned.

If you were banned, and got unbanned, I’d love to know more!



Though the hourglasses given weren’t many, Cheritz gave more to those that were banned and missed days, depending on the number of days missed, so get on it.

Also, I wonder about this chats opened at the same time in two or more different devices. Why would anyone do this? Cheritz must be so puzzled, those sound like extreme tactics, over I’m not sure what.

I’m glad they’ve fixed the text issues, and I hope they fixed the emails too, because mine kept crashing TT

Edit: I’ve been told all the banned accounts got unbanned. Those banned for time changing lost all their progress tho.

Cheritz made a post about it, click here

Edit 2: Cheritz is gonna do an update for time-zones changing due to moving, travelling or daylight savings!

See their announcement, click here


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  1. I think people used different devices set at different times to play so they can get all the chats. Just a guess though because I’m not keeping up with the news aside from your blog.


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