You can no longer be a time traveler in Mystic Messenger


After the new update came out yesterday, Cheritz has changed things.

Anyone that time travels, aka rollbacks the time to catch the chats, will be permanently banned, so do not do it!


They’ve also announced other changes, like max speed being unavailable to anyone that isn’t VIP buyers and loading saves will cost hourglasses, but this is the important one. Don’t attempt to time travel, hundreds of people have been banned, and things will not change.

You can get the good endings for characters without seeing all the chats, so it’s not like missing the ones while you sleep will impact it that much.

If you still want to see everything, or don’t have much patience, you can just Youtube the routes, endings or such. If you’ve been banned I recommended doing this OR making a new account.

Cheritz won’t undo the bans on people, you can’t expect them, so there’s really only two possibilities. You keep playing in a new account, or you go see what happens in a LP of it.

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