Monthly Update: August 2016


If you thought “is this ANOTHER new segment??” then, you guessed…SUPER DUPER RIGHT! ☜╮(´ิ∀´ิ☜╮)

So exactly why am I doing this? Well, tbh, I look at all these amazing bloggers (like Naja) doing weekly&others updates, and I figured why not? Mind you, I am not all that, and this isn’t something supposed to be long, like at all! (^▽^;)

So what will this entail? Just giving my progress on games, what I’m playing and how much I’m done, without any spoilers!, effectively removing any need for that useless page I had up~

Another function of this little thing, is to say what I’ve scheduled/is incoming in the next month, to wet the appetite x)

So for this month of August:

Finished Norn9, you can find my post here.

Nearing the end of P3P, just need to do the side dungeons.

StormLover Kai – I haven’t touched for a while, but I’m on Rikka’s route with 4 or so months to go.

Destiny Ninja 2+ – I did the Happy Ending for Shiroya and Ayu.


For September, we’ll have:

  • Let’s Rant on: FtP Otomobage
  • Impressions: Dungeon Travelers 2 Demo
  • Ghost Trick – Phantom Detective
  • News: Even More Languages in Town


And that’s all folks~! I hope this is a bit interesting, and also helps me in keeping track of my achievements. And don’t worry, if I feel like it’ll be too many segments, they’re all optional imo. The only dedicated posting of mine is on days 13 of each month, it’s just I tend to come up with some rants and here and there in the mean time, so might as well use them when they come (*^▽^)/

I tots forgot to schedule this, so you’re getting this out of time, BUT DO KNOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE HAPPENED AT THE END OF AUGUST /CRY



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