Get to Know Me: #51-110 Basic Questions


And the continuation, concluding this!
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*:・゚✧Anime Spotlight: Shin Sekai Yori – From the New World


Directed by Masashi Ishihama
Produced by Yutaka Ōmatsu
Written by Masashi Sogo
Music by Shigeo Komori
Studio A-1 Pictures
Licensed by
Episodes 25

This anime wrecked me. Wrecked me so much I went back to not watching anime because it engulfed my thoughts while trying to sleep. Much like Daiya does, for different reasons obviously. I hadn’t watched an anime since Code Geass wrecked me into a puddle of tears and snot and feelings, and so of course, I had to return to watch this masterpiece and be reduced to tears, snot, feelings and a lot of despair and moral values evaluation in my part. Isn’t this why everyone watches anime? (-^〇^-)

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Impressions: Rayman Origins Demo


I’ll admit right now I’m not good at platformers, I wasn’t raised on them. I just be the sole person that has never played a Mario, Sonic or Pokémon game. I’m a 90’s kid, the first console I played on was PlayStation, the original grey one. The first Nintendo console I got was a few years ago when I bought with my own money a Ds Lite. So, what do I mean by this? I don’t have patience, skills or reflexes worth a damn 😂

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╬ Let’s Rant On: Promises, Hiatus and CLAMP


For those that don’t know, I’m a huge Clamp fan. I love most of their work, I was an avid fan of their old anime, and couldn’t get enough of them.

That is until some 15 years ago the fuckery with X 1999 started and has never stopped since. So this might come across as salty and butthurt, and I won’t deny it probably is and I am. But fuck it, my blog, my opinions, my thoughts. I can say whatever the fuck I want to 😠

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