I’ve got a 2ds!!!!!!! (≧∇≦)/


That’s right, you’ve heard it here!

I’ve been debating getting a 3DS for a long while, but prices weren’t right and tbh there was far too much choices too. Should I get a 2DS, a 3DS or a New3DS? Those plagued me, and so I would start thinking why bother buy one when Nintendo will next year or in two years, come up with a brand new portable?

But prices were right in second-hand market, so I thought, why not? After much inquiring for a week, I finally have my sweet new boo! YAY! (≧∇≦)/

It’s almost brand new, and I’m really glad I got a 2DS instead of a 3DS. It feels very solid, comfortable in my hands, almost like a dreamcast controller. I have a DS Lite, and tbh, it feels cramped and too small. I swear that thing is made for baby hands 😂

I bought it for a real good price (50€) and it even came with a pouch for it, and with some DS games that I consider fodder lol

I’m very content with it, but not all is perfection. The 2DS does have flaws, like not being stereo and only having one speaker (on the left side), so the sound system is a bit weak but hey, that’s fine too.

I’d say there’s way more pros than cons, tho if there’s cons it’s mostly weird things Nintendo does. Like not letting me share pictures through Twitter.

Right now, I’ve downloaded a bunch of demos from the Eshop, so I might end up reviewing them (⌒▽⌒)

All in all, I’m very pleased with it (≧∇≦)/

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  1. Congrats! Are you playing AA now? 😀
    I’ll be getting a 3DS next month as well! xD Can’t wait for Zero Time Dilemma, AA5, and AA6. 😀


  2. Congratulations on your new baby! Such a great feeling to have a huge catalogue of good games ahead of your, like a kid in a candy store, right?


  3. aww that’s great! (when will I get a handheld console)
    normally when choosing, I would pick the one with the most library of games I would prefer to play. did you do that too or are the games almost the same?


    • Thank you! ( ˘ ³˘)❤
      You don’t have a handheld???? /gasps in blasphemy
      Jk, I know some prefer PC/consoles (^v^)
      Oooh, I see. I prefer handhelds only, I’m too lazy to not game in bed or in a chair.
      Well, tbh, I’ve thirsted for the 2/3ds for a long time because of Ace Attorney games, but I got a Vita first because of RPG/VN’s being more aplenty, but haven’t used it in a while because I ended up playing what I was thirsting for (Danganronpa, FF, some other VN’s/RPG) and then defaulted back to my PSP because it has more VN’s and the Vita is slow going (^_^;)
      I choose more for series I’m a fan of, for the Vita I thought it’d get more/some games which never came, but it’s still a haven for VN’s. Most of them are Japan exclusive tho ;_;
      If that didn’t make sense, tell me and I’ll explain better (⌒▽⌒)

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      • I understand! The first handheld I would buy would be the vita I reckon because like you said, the RPGs and VNs. Then 2/3ds for the detective puzzle games. I actually really do want a handheld but I can’t get it for now. The iPad is the closest thing aha.


  4. Oh! Awesome! Congrats on getting your 2DS! \o/

    This is actually the first time I’ve heard someone say they prefer the shape of a 2DS as compared to the 3DS, but I understand what you mean by it feeling solid in your hands. Plus, from the sound of it, you got it for a really good price. Niiiiiice.
    What kind of games/demos are you looking at?


    • Thank you! (≧∇≦)/
      The DS Lite feels really cramped with just the bottom of the console being held, for me, and feels so uncomfortable. I didn’t want to get a 3ds, getting pain on wrists and not being able to play a lot (^v^)
      2ds is so solid and comfortable <3333
      I did indeed get it a for a really good price 😁
      I'm trying a bunch of demos and have made a segment for my blog (/laughs at all the segments) so I can my Impressions on them. I'm looking at the final fantasy, the ace attorney, RPG, visual novels, whatever I see that look interesting or I am curious about~
      So far I've played these demos: project x zone 2, Petit novel harvest December, theatrhythm FF, rayman origins. I need to play more, there's so many haha O(≧∇≦)O

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