Game Club gets a blog~


Exciting news!

We have made a blog for our game club, which you can find here.

We play games together, in the same span of time, and this is a nice way of promoting to other people who might want to join us discussing the games without having to have Line installed.

We’re hoping this will foster conversations inside the group and outside, so I hope you’ll like it! 🙂

Edit: the club can be found on Facebook and Twitter too! (★^O^★)


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  1. Facebook works well for this group chatting on gaming! I’ve had a ladies and gaming group on FB for years now, and there’s always someone playing the same game as you are. So, great idea!


    • Look forward (≧∇≦)/
      We’ll definitely have conversations, and everyone will be open for discussion about them.
      We test drived the club, to make sure it would work, and were successful, so I hope it works from now on too! (⌒▽⌒)

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              • You’re welcome. I know you guys aren’t solely covering otome games (to my understanding), but I think it’d be nice for fans to know where to go if they want to play games alongside others with common interests.


                • We probably will be covering some amount of them though, as the entire staff as an interest in them, but it really does depend on what what we can agree on. If you have any questions for your coverage, you can ask me. Although Cat is the creator, I joined her right away, so I think I know everything worth to know about it at this point.


                  • No problem. When I say “coverage”, I’d like to clarify that I’ll mention it in (it’ll be a paragraph long). I’ve already written a draft of the said paragraph, so if you’d like me to run it by you first to prevent any inaccuracies, I’ll be happy to do so via Twitter PM.


                    • I did understand that. If you want me to look it over, please do send it in a PM. I’m certain it’s going to be fine though.

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    • You might already have some, we also have played a free one. We’ve played a PSP game, Starry Sky, a PC one, and now a PSP/Vita one.
      If in the future you have a game, or already played one we’re playing, you can always join the discussion on the blog (☆^O^☆)

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