Ikki From Amnesia is a Big No



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Here on WordPress, I focus more on the studying side of things with otome games and so I played Amnesia (Memories) and I absolutely hated Ikki with the fire of a thousand suns. Maybe it’s because he’s a playboy, maybe it’s because all his actions were manipulative (emotionally specially), maybe it was his fuck girls that bugged me to no end, or maybe it’s that he’s a double faced bastard.

Sorry but Medusa eyes that make girls fall for you at first glance is hardly a major problem to have, and all he had to do was have the cojones to tell them to piss off and go die in a ditch instead of bullying and assaulting the MC, plus his acting cold, detached and like a piece of shit when he was in front of then.

Sorry, but just because he has a slightly tragic back story does not mean he gets to be apologised and sympathised with. I also felt his “trying to protect” statements were ludicrous when all he had to do was interfere and say he didn’t want a fanclub, and for them to go bug someone else. But of course that’s not what he does, nope.

He gives all these excuses to the MC, once they’re alone and nobody can hear or see what they’re doing /coughs, which made me so angry I almost threw my PSP. I didn’t react like this to Toma, maybe because I was warned and knew more or less what was going to happen, but Ikki was clearly a douchebag and nobody warned me he was trying to manipulate her.

Countless times he told her to look in his eyes to see if his powers worked on her, and no matter how you paint it, that’s super manipulative of him. I don’t care if his powers don’t work on her, that’s not the point! The point is he motherfucking tried it either way!

/deep breathes

In the end, I found him even more despicable than Toma. Maybe Toma gained some bonus points for having a shota CG, and I’m super weak to shota self’s/versions of characters and which is why best boy is Orion and then Kent and then Shin, then Ukyo, then Toma, then Ikki.

But mind you, Toma was a dirt bag too. I was just prepared and laughed my way through his whole route once his drugging and caging started. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt, because it was ridiculous. Applying logic, there was no way he could’ve found a dog cage that easily or transported like that without anyone seeing it. Plus Shin not coming by more often was dubious. I felt like Toma’s route needed a huge amount of suspension of disbelief, which I don’t have. So it ended with me finding it ridiculous and hilarious.

Though I’ll say this: there’s a reason Toma doesn’t much show in all the other routes, we all know Toma wouldn’t let her date anyone but him or Shin. So the true ending is a sandwich of her with Shin and Toma. Shin keeps crazy Toma in check, and so it balances out, hurray! O(≧∇≦)O

The reason I’m talking about Ikki, is because Toma is rather well known as problematic, yet no one seems to find Ikki problematic or warn them.

Let me reintegrate that if had Amnesia been a R18 game Toma and Ikki would’ve had the rape routes, considering they tried it on bad endings. So fuck them.


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  1. Someone had a conversation with me a while ago and they defended Ikki’s action but I just can’t agree lol. They said he couldn’t do anything to stop the girls because they wouldn’t listen to him since they badmouth the heroine in his face. Eventually he did do something but he took way too long to do it and I already lost my patience for him. If he really cared for her, he would have done something from day 1. There are some flirty characters that I like but Ikki is just too much of a player for my liking.


    • I understand when people react differently because they experienced the game and took their own conclusions, since I do too. As long as no one attacks, I’m fine with discussing things~
      That’s the thing that really pissed me off. He jumped through hoops to please everyone because he didn’t want his fanclub to get mad but why would it matter if he didnt know they were crazy bitches? I felt like it was either a plot hole, or really contrite tbh.
      He never defended her in front of them, and treated her below his fanclub, I got so pissed he’d do that to someone he claimed he loved (¬_¬)ノ
      Flirty and playboy characters tend to rub me off, they’re my least favorite trope unless they’re well done. Ikki is a complicated dude, but it wasn’t well done for me, personally.
      /high five


  2. Ikki is my second least favorite guy of the game for the reasons you named here. =3= I do love his interactions with Kent, but he’s a bit of a scumbag when it comes to women. I’d like to punch him! 💪


    • /high five
      I loved his interactions with Kent, they were hilarious and cute. Heck, Ikki was better in Kent’s route than in his own ._.
      I’d have loved if her, or one of the others, punched him for being a scumbag in certain situations that really pissed me off 😤


  3. I could empathize with him bc he felt like his life was shit rofl but I totally agree with everything you said. I can’t sympathize with him but I tried to understand his situation where he was constantly monitored and had to act a certain way but in no way does this excuse anything he did. I’m not trying to defend him and I hope I don’t come across as doing so. Fantastic post, as always!


    • Not at all, you didn’t, and even if you did it’s fine, I’m okay with entering a respectful discussion about it. I won’t get upset over a 2D dude, promise 😁
      I didn’t have sympathy for him because I felt he didn’t help himself, and was actually perpetuating the whole thing by letting his fanclub run as they pleased, and even pandering to them. He actually didn’t have to act like he did, and it’s why the whole “I’m trying to be nice to everyone” really pissed me off. He wasn’t being nice, he was making girls believe they had a chance with him and fucking with their feelings to +appear+ nice. You can’t please everyone, and it just came across as really fake, to me ofc. I was hoping his backstory would at least make me empathise or sympathise with him, even just a tiny bit, but it didn’t. It was not only absurd, it was his own fault too 😐
      I hope I didn’t come across as me defending myself either, I’m just saying how I saw it and wondering if others saw it like I did, or if not, how did they see it since people interpret things differently. I really like games, stories and books because of that. You can have two people play the same game and not respond at all to the same scenes, dialogues or otherwise.
      Thanks, Leaf! (*^3^)/~♡

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      • No not at all! XD I’m so glad we can have a conversation w/out blowing up at each other rofl. It’s hard to do that on tumblr…
        And I hear you. I’m glad we can both express our thoughts and see what worked/didn’t in his route for us. And I hear you. I hated his fake attitude even if he said he purposefully acted that way.


        • Good, I always strive to have a conversation without being defensive. Being defensive means I wouldn’t be open or accept other peoples points, so I try hard not to 😊
          Tumblr is scary, they’re so intense. I did a Tumblr just for reblogging and liveblogging because there were a lot of times I wanted to say things and couldn’t because Twitter is way too short 😅😥
          I think the fact he was purposefully doing if was what really put me off. Geniually nice people aren’t faking that shit up, they might be clueless and not realise they’re bringing peoples hopes up, but he was doing it knowing what he was doing and what it would cause. In no way I felt he was protecting her, I felt he was protecting himself above all else.
          We might be in the minority, since Ikki in RL has some really hardent defenders. The fiction becomes reality in astounding ways 😂
          A reason I might have liked Toma’s route more was that he was actually genuinely nice and sweet to her, so I felt it was so pitiful he had to turn into the token yandere character. If he hadn’t, he’d have been in the top with Kent for me :/

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          • Hmmm I guess I can agree w/ you somewhat on Toma vs Ikki. He did care about her but it was way too much and then he locks her up. Even the CG’s show how terrified of him she is during this. And then she asks if he thinks of her as one of his dolls. I could tell he cared about her but the way he went about doing so was just not right.


            • Toma was a misguided lamb that turned crazy. God, their interactions while she was in the cage creeped me out so dang much. He looked insane, this close to snapping, and the poor girl locked and fearing for her life. Considering he actually kills her in Shin’s route, and also hurt her, I’d say his love turned pretty bad quickly.
              I do remember saying Toma wasn’t as bad as I was picturing, considering people where in high alert and warning, and so I remember feeling “eh, he isn’t all that bad. He could be hitting her, forcing her, calling her names, but instead he’s bringing her toys to play with”. But I also understand how that’s twisted, since she was little more than a caged animal for him to play, consideding the toys and bedding.
              Indeed, I believed he liked her but went about it in all the wrong ways 😅
              Counterpointing with Ikki, which did not make me believe he loved her, at all. Didn’t help his fuckgirls were everywhere, doing shit in his name in most routes too =_=

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              • Yeah…and don’t forget that just after he found out that she escaped he tried to rape her, saying that he wanted to hurt her and etc. I was already freaked out seeing his face between the bars and her panicked face but then that was when I had to put the game down for a few hours. I just couldn’t continue it for a while.


                • That scene was WTF, and I was so thankful when Shin came and punched his face off. I wish she had punched him too! 😬
                  I can’t believe in the best ending she forgave him and was all “it’s okay, you didn’t do anything so it’s okay” like no girl, he tried it. Doesn’t matter the rest! 😠
                  The ending where she becomes his actual doll was the worst too :////
                  I’ve seen around people saying Toma redeems himself in the fandisks/sequels, but like lol you can’t redeem yourself for shit like that 😑
                  I totally understand why you couldn’t play after that. I just wanted it to be done with so I could go to better routes since I chose Toma’s route as the first one I did, because I didn’t want to finish the game with that bad taste in my mouth 😅

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    • I’m not sure I’d call it a prince complex when he does nothing proactive to stop his fanclub until shit is way too bad lol
      There’s a bad end where he basicly flips on her and starts trying to force her, but then because this isn’t R18, he let’s her go and she runs outside crying 😤
      So yeah, I’m not fond of him 😠


      • He def seems to have a broken prince complex to me. He goes off on this woe is me B.S but still accepts things like girls making a pass at him. ‘poor me, I’m so broken and attractive there’s nothing I can do I’m such a jerk.’ Whilst what seemed to be was leading the MC on most of the route. If he was so serious about the MC he would have told them to sod off. =_=


        • If that is called broken prince complex, then he definitely has it! 😂
          Yeah, all those things made me really mad at him, I didn’t feel sincerity in his actions or in his love. I felt like she was just a conquest because she didn’t fell in love with him/didn’t get affected by his eyes. Even more telling so, is that if you act as if the eyes work on her, you can’t get his best ending. Yet he says he loves regardless, and would like for his eyes to work on her 😐

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