I have a Tumblr!


That’s right, I decided to make a Tumblr. Blame Naja, she was the witch that bespelled me. I try to shy away from spoilers, or not go into it too much on my posts here, focusing more on the language and learning side of things and my ultimate thoughts/conclusions. In Twitter I did some live tweeting, but I didn’t want to spoiler and trying to say my thoughts in 150 characters is close to impossible, at heart I’m more of a long paragraph type of thought/writing than a tiny tidbit of mirth.

So my Tumblr is for super spoilers, lots of spoilers, lots of live blogging my reactions in real time without holding anything back, plus some rants and spewing all the vile things inside me.

Thankfully, I play in portables so CG and screenshots are impossible, unless I take crappy pictures of my PSP/DS, which I might but pribbaly not.

So it’s a 99% text haven for my spoilers and inner thoughts about things that really bugged me. I don’t want to get into those things here, not just because I don’t want to feed negativity, but because I can go over those things and still enjoy things. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have those thoughts, so that’s what Tumblr will be for.

My Tumblr is: HijackedCat and it’s a companion/side sister to this and is titled Another Thoughtful Day.

If you do check it it, go prepared for the dark side of a cat (^_−)☆



    • Hi! Thanks <33 I'll add you back 😀
      My Tumblr is so gonna be shit posting, ranting and spoilers everywhere, because now I've got the evil power ufufufu
      (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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