Amazon JP now has international shipping!


That’s right, we can now buy otome games from Amazon JP. How awesome is that?!

I myself did a few tries and as long as the seller is not from the marketplace, it allows Vita and PSP (and probably others which I didn’t try haha).

Glad to see companies branch out from their regions, and start catering in a global way (☆^O^☆)

(Mind you I didn’t buy those 3 games, I was just experimenting but it did let me go to the end and show me the final price tag with ports~)

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  1. What?! Omg thanks for this!! I’ve been considering using a forwarding service or something for getting some more otome games but glad to know that I don’t have to now!! :3


    • :DDD I’m glad this post served its purpose by helping and informing people! (-^〇^-)
      Forwarding services cost a lot, so I know how important it is that Amazon JP finally got international shipping for games ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ


  2. Nice huh! I see you use Japanese games in the Vita to learn Japanese, I’ve tried my hand at Japanese 3DS games to never have to miss a good game. Nice to meet you 😊


    • Hey, nice to meet you too! o(〃^▽^〃)o

      I actually play my PSP games in my PSP. My Vita is on holiday because games for it are expensive /sweats

      I’m learning Japanese with a combo of android app (Memrise) and those games. I do want to try DS and GBA games too~ (but eeh, I’m not at that level yet >_< )


      • Me neither, playing a Japanese game is slow going for me. Because I absolutely have to understand what a story is about, so I try translating it all… But, a girl’s gotta have a hobby!


        • Heh, I was like that in December but it takes a lot of energy, so I let them talk and when I get in the mood, I look a word or two up but I’m not translating or doing sentence by sentence. It’s the lazy way but I enjoy it xD
          Hobbies are very important! (-^〇^-)I learned English thanks to gaming and books, so to me they’re super precious (☆^ー^☆)

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          • So you’re not English speaking by birth either? Neither am I, but aside from the fact that we learn English at school, a lot of television series are in English here. Plus I started reading only English books at an early age


            • I’m Portuguese and let me tell you, our English classes are…bad lol I know younger kids than me that can’t write or read English to save their lives haha
              We have a lot of English TV shows here, and games but books are rare, and what propelled me to learn it was initially games until I understood a lot of content never got localised/published here. I started reading English books when I was either 16 or 17, because of the time it took to publish something here, series were already finished xD

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              • Ah Portugal, nice! I’m glad at least we live in a country where televisions shows aren’t talked over in our native language. In countries like Germany, they hardly ever hear the real actors voices. Pretty annoying!


                • Spain, France and Italy also get their shows and movies dubbed! Portugal is too small, so they only dub anime and cartoons/series for children (low quality too unless it’s Ghibli/Disney movies).

                  I’m really for original audio the most, be that if it’s Japanese, English or French/Spanish/Korean/Whatever. I don’t like dubs at all ^^’

                  My English wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for not having dubs to be honest ^^


    • Thank you! (-^〇^-)
      I figured people might not yet know, since I knew from Twitter but hadn’t seen anyone talk about it yet (⌒▽⌒)


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