Otoge/VN centric podcast?


I’ve been into podcasts lately and I have found none that focus on visual novels (be they galge or otoge or BL or kinetic or horror) and I’m so sad about it.

It’s such an untaped circle, and I’d love to see more discussion of games of the genre (both Japanese and English). Considering all the other genres have so many podcasts dedicated to them, it’s a bit infuriating that there’s really none.

There’s so many great games from Corpse Party, to Key games, Zero Escape, Saya no Uta to so many otoge, that I frankly believe we should have more awareness and discussion. Not just in blog format, since I feel it’d be really nice if it was in more formats (just like other games and genres are).

Am I alone in thinking like this?

Because let’s be honest, we can’t have a discussion between 3 people or more on a blog post without getting lost or becoming a bit contrived.

Heck, give me audio or video or all of them really.

Shouldn’t we have more discussions and places to hear other people’s thoughts?

If you know any, it’d be real good if you could tell me. I haven’t found any (/(エ)\)

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  1. That’s a really good point! if i ever get a mic I would love to start one. ^_^ I’ve done some stuff on youtube but not for video games and my camera completely sucks. >_<


    • Thanks! I find it odd there’s so many RPG or big mainstream games podcasts that talk about the same games and yet there’s none at all for visual novels. I expected at the horror or galge would have, since they’re more mainstream (Key, Corpse Party, so on) but nope.
      I’m sure if you did you woud have listeners, at least I would! I’m sure there’s more that would hear them (ノ^o^)ノ

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