Hakuoki – Demon of the Fleeting Blossom


Initial release date: February 14, 2012
Platform: PlayStation Portable

Has a lot of problems. Dunno if it’s shoddy translation, which I don’t think so (though I did find the whole bark as laughter a bit grating after the 5th time <.<). I have mad respect for Aksys, they have gigantic balls, really, when it comes to localizing games, so I give them major props for localizing a true Visual Novel. The problem lies, entirely, on Chizuru.

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Developer(s) stage-nana
Publisher(s) insani (English version)
Sekai Project
Designer(s) Tomo Kataoka
Engine NScripter (JP)
ONScripter (EN)
Platform(s) Mac OS X, Linux,Windows
Release date(s) 2005
Genre(s) Visual novel

I dunno if I should review here 2nd Part, or not, but I think this one will be about the 1st Narcissu, just ’cause they are diff. stuff.

I’m not really the crying type, I barely cry in any movies that people talk about crying (unless it’s animals dying, then I’m sobbing all over), but this one hit me right in the damn ovaries. I’d heard a lot about how it was a sad, depressing, melancholic type of game, and made peeps cry. I shrugged that off, as usual, and went and played it because it was free and so highly regarded.

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Corpse Party


Genres Horror, Mystery
  • Kenix Soft (1996)
  • Team GrisGris (2008)
  • 5pb. (2010–present)
  • Marvelous USA (2011–present)
  • GrindHouse (2013–present)
Platform of origin NEC PC-9801
First release Corpse Party
April 22, 1996 (Japan only)
Latest release Corpse Party
May 23rd, 2016

I played this a while back, and I didn’t finish 100% but I dunno if I will (I might), and I went into this knowing it was horror, or at least fucked up, and a visual novel with some adventure elements. Which was pretty okay in my book, I like visual novels and I do not know Japanese (trying to fix that takes time, yo) so I went into this feeling pretty good.

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*:・゚✧Novel Spotlight: Digital Devil Story – Goddess Reincarnation


Jusho High School’s student body is divided: the gifted versus the normal. Akemi Nakajima, one of the gifted, is assaulted by one of the normal students, Kondo Hiroyuki. Battered and bloody, Nakajima decides to finish his Demon Summoning Program to exact his own revenge. What follows are the consequences of playing with demons…

from GR

Atlus based their Shin Megami Tensei series on this book, at least the first book was an adaptation of sorts. I’ve always been curious what birthed Atlus into being what they are, since I will not play that game because a) no IOS or Android device and b) I’m not going to emulate uber old games.

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