Impressions: Conception II – Children of the Seven Stars -Prologue Demo-

He's a ManSlut, hitting on all da Hoes

So, I’m not exactly the most money fueled person. Heck, I have no job, I’m still studying though I should prolly get a job, but life sucks and what I wanted to really do, which is either write or draw, is hard and I might not have the best skills for it (drawing-wise), and I’m not too sure about my writing. Specially since I write in English to have access to a wider pool of options~

Either way, all this to say, I downloaded this demo ’cause it looked, well, cute and maybe fun. And I can’t pass up demos when it gives me a chance to try the game before I have to spend a single cent on it.

I dig it, sure it has that “look, boobies!” scenes when you’re breeding kids (pouring your STAAAR ENEEERGY *coughcough* into Matryoshka Dolls), but it’s really enjoyable, and I’m guilty to admit that I totally cheated this, and I’m at level 22, even though I doubt anyone even reaches that level because I’ve just been breeding and going through the 4 first floors (that’s all there is to the demo) obsessedly.

My city is even at level 15, or something. I figure, since one day I might buy it, and it’s digital only in Europe (shaking my fist at you all) I might as well break the game already, and make my future life easier. That is, if some fluke doesn’t come and deletes my save/demo thing. Then, I’ll rage and sob sad tears of effort ;A;

Eitha way, it’s really fun to level up the kids, give them their independence and continue on making kids. I have a star kid already, their main difference is that their max level is 99, it’s an archer~. Though I dislike grinding + dungeon crawling, this one is enjoyable, far more than I expected, to be honest.

I ain’t buying the game as it comes out here, I recently bought VLR, and I only bought ’cause it’s cheaper than when it came out. No funds, no job, dammit! D:

I’m prolly still gonna keep on ‘grinding’ this save, just ’cause I can.

Ah, and I admit to playing a backup copy of Conception 1 to see if I can play it, since this one is only a demo. I understood the gist of the plot while they talked out loud, then it became reading mostly, specially the girls, and I had to put it down :V

I don’t know if the story is good, or anything really, the battle system is the same, but I don’t like not enjoying the story at the same time as the game D:

Warning, dangerous person behind this blog! 😀

Ack, someone gimme Japanese skills, quick!

Have you heard about this game before? Have you played it? If so, I’d love to know what you think of it!

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5 thoughts on “Impressions: Conception II – Children of the Seven Stars -Prologue Demo-

  1. I enjoyed this game, even if it is a bit of a Persona rip-off and gets repetitive after a while. VLR is awesome by the way. If you get stuck on the puzzles I would recommend using a guide to get past them because the story is so clever.


    • I only played the demo haha
      I finished VLR back then (these posts are pretty old, I should totally revamp them ORZ) and really liked it, and did indeed have to use guides because aaaah tough puzzles. I had to use some for Ace Attorney too (҂⌣̀_⌣́)

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